Competitive Esports


NASEF is working on plans for free scholastic esports competition opportunities for students and educators in the coming year. We will be working closely with state affiliates and partners to create an experience that is exciting for the community but also provides equitable and inclusive opportunities for everyone to game, grow, learn, and lead together.

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Current Tournaments

CIF (California)

Past Tournaments

NRG Carvana Combine

Spring Finals 2023

Fall Finals 2022

Chess & Rocket League Spring 2022

Rocket League & Madden (Winter-Spring 2021)

NHL & CHEL Winter 2020

League of Legends Winter 2020

Overwatch Fall 2019

League of Legends Winter 2019

Extra Credit: Fortnite Friday (Winter 2019)

Extra Credit: Smash Ultimate (Winter 2019)

Extra Credit: Rocket League (Winter 2019)

Extra Credit: Fortnite Friday (Fall 2018)

Extra Credit: Overwatch 1v1 (Fall 2018)

Extra Credit: Hearthstone (Fall 2018)

Community Day

Year One (2017-2018)