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Resources for Parents and Guardians

The team at NASEF has found that esports is an incredible vehicle to help high school students grow in many aspects of their lives. 

Our technical advisors and advisory committee are comprised of some of the best minds in the fields of education, human development, psychology, engineering, information systems, and more. 

They’ve aligned with NASEF because they believe in our mission: To provide opportunities for ALL students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life.

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We’ve compiled the following resources to help parents who want to learn more about esports and the benefits of activating a high school esports club including:

  • Resources for parents who want to speak to school administrators about allowing esports clubs on campus.
  • News on video game research conducted by thought leaders within the field of neuroscience.
  • Ways that parents can support their students academically and with extracurricular activities.

Esports in the Family

Parents: wondering if there are really benefits to high school esports? Is it all hype?

Watch this video to see the heartfelt joy these parents are experiencing as a NASEF esports club provides a positive growth environment for their son. “It does teach cognitive skills, but most importantly I see a difference in his overall behavior. His grades have improved significantly since last year.

Thank you again to the Dang Vu family for sharing their story!

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Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

About Esports and Gaming




Resources to Share with School Administrators


"New educational opportunities arise as competitive mainstream video games and education continue to mix."

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"...the most resilient, adaptive and effective learning involves individual interest as well as social support to overcome adversity and provide recognition."

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"Through a new initiative in California, students can pursue their love of competitive gaming while developing career skills and fulfilling curriculum requirements."

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Encouraging STEM Learning

“Having a mentor who shares an interest
with you — that encourages people to stay in STEM.” This strategic move aims to provide kids with relatable role models in STEM fields."

Creating an Inclusive Environment

“We are going to be an example of how girls can play, and I definitely don’t want to let that up."

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Building Character

"These are places where kids learn to negotiate conflict, become independent, and explore what kind of person they want to be."

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Enhanced Social Skills, Scholarships, & More

"Esports is a great way to prepare students for the increasingly digital world they live in, too. They learn how to apply lessons learned through gaming to real-life situations that require decision making, teamwork, and perseverance."

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Additional Resources for Download

A Parent's Guide to Esports

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The Benefits of Joining NASEF

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How to Activate A Club

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Frequently Used Gaming Terms and Lingo

Confused between "Lag" and "LAN?" Struggling to figure out the difference between "MMO" and a "Mod?"

Check out this Glossary of Terms and Acronyms.

Commonly Played Games

The following is a list of games commonly played by our high school esports clubs.


Esports College Scholarship Opportunities

Playing high school esports can open up some fantastic opportunities for students seeking a college education!

The following are some programs with esports programs that you may consider: 

Please visit the ESPN's list of varsity esports programs in North America for additional schools. 

Esports College Degree Programs

Esports has created more than just an opportunity to compete. Just like a Major League Baseball team needs a front office staff, esports has opened up an entire industry for women and men to fill a number of different roles within their organizations. 

Some colleges have recognized the need by creating esports-specific programs to train these future professionals: 



Lead Researcher Dr. Constance Steinkuehler and researchers from the Informatics Department at the University of California, Irvine are recruiting participants for a research study that aims to identify key points of interest from parents/guardians who have children that play video games. Specifically, parents who have children that participate in the NASEF program. This study may help us to better understand the intersection of video games, family units, and student learning impacted by NASEF.

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are at least 18 years of age or older and are a parent/guardian of a child in a NASEF club.
The study will take place either online or over the phone. Your participation will last up to 2 hours each day for a total of 1 day.

As part of participating, you will be asked to participate in a 1:1 interview either over the phone or through Discord. 

You will be paid for your participation in this research as follows: An Esports Jersey, valued at $50. Sizing and contact information will be collected at the end of the interview.

If you participate, there is no anticipated direct benefit.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Dr. B. Remy Cross at [email protected] or 949-824-8291. 

For more information, please visit the Connected Learning Lab website

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