Extra Credit: Rocket League (Winter 2019)


Round Day 1 Day 2
Date and Time Apr 6
12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET
Apr 20
12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET
Opt-in and
Roster Submission Open
Mar 8 Mar 30
Opt-in and
Roster Submission Close
Mar 29
4:00PM PT/7:00PM ET
Apr 19
4:00PM PT/7:00PM ET


Prizing is TBA.




How far will you go? Each club can have up to twenty teams in the Extra Credit series, so make sure you invite everyone to compete.

This tournament is exclusive to Clubs who are activated through NASEF for the 2018-2019 academic year. Once activated, your general manager will be able to opt-in to the Extra Credit tournaments, receive additional information on how to develop a Club and support your team, and be in direct communication with our team for any additional support. 


Coming soon.


Eligibility Requirements

Competition Eligibility
Any teams interested in competing MUST have a club activated with NASEF, meeting all club and student requirements on our Getting Started page. 

Student Eligibility
Students must have "ACTIVE" status on the Club Dashboard to be eligible for all NASEF tournaments. "PENDING" students cannot be added to Active Rosters.

Technology Requirements

Rocket League's cross platform functionality launched February 19th for PC, PS4, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

For all Extra Credit tournaments, students are not required to play from their Club Site.

Tournament Information


  • Single Elimination
  • 2v2
  • Two One-day tournaments

Roster Information

Roster Submission
To open up roster submission for this tournament, first opt-in for "Rocket League Extra Credit" tournaments in the GM Portal. After you opt-in, you can submit rosters on the Active Roster page by clicking "MANAGE" under the Tournament Management box on the GM Portal.

Roster Fields:

• Player First Name
• Player Last Initial
• Email Address
• Rocket League username
• Discord Username (i.e. 'Username#1234')

Roster Details
Minimum Roster Size: 2
Maximum Roster Size: 3 (2 starters, 1 sub)

Clubs may field up to 20 unique teams in the Extra Credit series.

Default Match Time

Apr 6 - 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET
Apr 20 - 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET

All team members must be present at the times above for check-in. Teams have until 30 minutes after the Default Match Time to keep their place in the tournament. Late teams will be disqualified.

Official Tournament Rules

Visit the NASEF Community Discord and navigate to the #rl-rules channel to read all the rules for this tournament.


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