Fall Term 2019

Our Fall 2019 Season is back, with more options for competition! 


After a receiving feedback from our students, General Managers and coaches, we're excited to announce two tournament offerings for this Fall. In addition to our Overwatch® High School Scholastic Tournament, we're also hosting an Overwatch® Community Play-In Tournament!


Tournament Brackets

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Playoffs Information

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Scholastic Playoffs Page

Community Play-In Playoffs Page

Overwatch® High School Scholastic Tournament

Our Overwatch® High School Scholastic Tournament is back! NASEF is proud to offer the Overwatch® High School Scholastic Tournament in close partnership with Blizzard Entertainment!

After our Fall 2018 Overwatch® Season, we received a lot of feedback on team balancing, match scheduling and seeding. This year, we'd like to offer a more competitive experience for teams looking to play at a higher level. We're also changing up the format and dividing the competition into four different regions - West, Mountain, Central, and East. Many teams experienced schedule conflicts last year, and we hope by dividing regions by time zones, it could help alleviate those issues.

We're also offering another opportunity to compete for teams that don't qualify for Playoffs: Our Overwatch® Community Play-In Tournament.


Recommended Club Activation Period: July - August
Tournament Opt-in Period: August 1 - September 19
Coaching Opt-in Deadline: September 6
Roster Deadline: September 19
IP Addresses Deadline: September 19
Regular Season: September 30 - November 16
Playoffs: November 18 - December 7
Championship: January 18


Congratulations to the winning teams of our Overwatch® Scholastic Live Finals Event!

Final Placements:

1st: Rocklin High School from Rocklin, California - $2,500 grant

2nd: Naperville North High School from Naperville, Illinois- $1,000 grant

3rd: Portola High School from Irvine, California - $750 grant

4th: Xavier High School from New York, New York - $500 grant

Teams were flown out and treated to a tour of Blizzard Campus and scrimmaged at the UCI Esports Arena. Each team will also receive a set of HyperX headsets. A big Thank You to our friends at Blizzard Entertainment and HyperX for supporting our students!

Overwatch® Community Play-In Tournament

This year, we have a new competitive option designed for teams just getting their esports journey started! Our Overwatch® Community Play-In gives clubs more time to assemble their teams, practice with their coaches, and a bit more flexibility within the tournament structure.

Additionally, teams that don't qualify for Playoffs in our Overwatch® High School Scholastic Tournament can opt-in for the Community Play-In playoffs.


Recommended Club Activation Period: July - September
Tournament Opt-in Period: August 1 - October 3
Coaching Opt-in Deadline: September 6
Roster Deadline: October 3
IP Addresses Deadline: October 3
Regular Season: October 14 - November 9
Playoffs: November 18 - December 7

Online Finals: December 14


Congratulations to the winning teams of our Overwatch® Community Play-In Online Finals Event!

Final Placements:

1st: Excelsior School from Arcadia, California - $1,000 grant

2nd: Troy High School from Fullerton, California - $500 grant

3rd: Gretna High School from Gretna, Nebraska - $375 grant

4th: Ridge High School from Basking Ridge, New Jersey - $250 grant

Each team will also receive a set of HyperX headsets, thanks to our friends at HyperX!

Eligibility & Code of Conduct


Helpful Resources

Past Tournaments

Learn More about Year One (2017-2018)

Fall 2018 Overwatch® Community Day

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