NASEF Scholastic Fellow Program

The NASEF Scholastic Fellow Program provides a professional learning community, mentorship, tools, resources and instructional coaching for educators interested in connecting esports and learning in schools and out-of-school time / community-based organizations across the globe.


Applications for the 2022-2023 program year are now closed

If you're interested in applying to next year's cohort (2023-2024) please fill out the interest form using the link below:

Interest Form
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Professional Development Pathway

Selected educators have the opportunity to learn as a Fellow in their first year, lead as a Mentor in their second year, and grow as a Community Leader in their third year and beyond.  Community Leaders are the official Trainers-of-Trainers for the global NASEF community.

Scholastic Fellow

Year One

Scholastic Mentor

Year Two

Community Leader

Year Three

Learn About the 2022-2023 Scholastic Fellows and Mentors

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Program Overview

 NASEF invites educators interested in connecting academics and gaming through the implementation of NASEF’s state-approved integrated curriculum in their classrooms or after-school/out-of-school time programs to apply to become a Scholastic Fellow. All educators around the globe working in middle school, high school and community-based organizations are encouraged to apply.


Community Leaders

The Official NASEF Trainers-of-Trainers (ToT) for Scholastic Esports! Community Leaders have participated as a Scholastic Fellow, Scholastic Mentor, and are knowledge experts in the integration of esports in education.

Rubik Adams

creadorSTREAM / Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin
UX Game Designer / EdTech Strategist

David Amaro

Anáhuac Esports / PrepaLeague
Educational Linking Director

Chris Aviles

Garden State Esports
Teacher & Founder

Angelique Gianas

Helix Charter High School
English Teacher

Alexander Gibson

Harrisburg University
Director of Secondary School Services

Tyler Hahn

Cherokee Public Library

Lindy Meiser

Esports Texoma
Director of Curriculum & Instruction

James Fraser-Murison

Queen Mary's College
Director of Learning

J.D. Williams

Laveen School District
Technology Instructional Coach

James Wood

Achieve Charter School
Math Teacher

Regina Schaffer

Middletown Township SD / Garden State Esports
EdTech Specialist / Vice President

2019-2022 Fellow & Mentor Alumni

We have had a diverse group of educators from around the world participate as a NASEF Scholastic Fellow & Mentor.  We are continually excited about the amazing opportunities that these educators continue to innovate for young people, other educators, and their communities.

Aidar Abdullin

Marta Anderson

Nevine Asfour

Mary Atherton

Shayla Baldwin

Rene Barge

Sanjay Kumar Bhagat

Amy Brudin

Jean Cavanaugh

Randall Deich

April Dixon

Ryan Friederich

Aldo Fuentes

Ivet Gonzalez

Mark Godinez

Jenny Gonzales

David Hammers

Miles Harvey

Steve Isaacs

Garikai Kajau

Alex Keeler

Sam Kelso

JuanPablo Larios

Jodi Mahoney

David Manning

Dalton Mcghiey

Margaret McNamara

Peter Melton

Leonard Moreno

Akeem Morgan

Maria Nadal

Cinthia Paez

Corrine Perella

Nick Rider

Brad Seward

Ashley Sheehan

John Shoemaker

Nate Simons

Matthew Smith

Travis Whitt

Taylor Yazel

Melissa Burns

Admire Chabvepi

Samha Choi

PK Graff

Laurenjoy Graves

Andy Gribbin

Amy Harris

Chuck Hobbs

Giselle Jaimes

Erica Larson Bautze

Emma Liston

Felicia Martin Latief

Roxann Martinez

Jim McKowen

Adrieanne Moliere

Pamela Moreno-Paes

Shoubna Naika-Taylor

Kalam Neale

Happyson Nyamudeza

Mary Phillips

Daniel Rolo

Yoshiaki Tsuboyama

Ignacio Vargas

Megan Wallace

Audra Yocom