Student Leadership in Esports

Collaboration between NASEF and the Chief Science Officer program

Leadership Development through Scholastic Esports at your school... #MakeItHappen!

 1. Join NASEF and CSOs. 


Ensure you're a member of NASEF with an adult advisor.

Join CSO 

Region: CSO International (scroll to the bottom of the list)
Cabinet: CSO International - Esports

2. Email [email protected] to notify her that you're part of the CSO Esports Cabinet.

3. Attend a Leadership Training Institute. The Live LTI was completed; contact Eileen for details.

(Existing CSOs, just email Eileen that you're going to do an Esports Action Plan. You are not required to attend a second LTI.)

4. Choose and implement an Action Plan for Fall 2023-Spring 2024.   

Ideas for Action Plan

Suggestions (Choose one or many):

Present about esports during a CSO Saturday event (10 minutes with Q&A).

Enter NASEF's Rube Goldberg Minecraft Challenge with a team from your community.

Join the Venture Valley Entrepreneurship Challenge (and win an Amazon scholarship card!).

Enter a Beyond the Game challenge in video production.

Discuss scholastic esports with a principal, district administrator, or school board members.