Beyond the Game™ Challenges allow students to tap into their talent apart from their competitive teams! Here, students with interests in the different sectors of the Esports Ecosystem can learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and gain real experience in potential future career opportunities.

Beyond the Game Challenges for ALL Gamers

We challenge and celebrate students with interests in a variety of roles within the Esports Ecosystem (Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, Strategists, and Organizers). Beyond the Game™ Challenges are open to all active members of NASEF Clubs.

So, for the student who loves video games and esports - we want to see your passion for esports and your esports club come alive! Use your creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to take on one or more of the challenges below!

What’s New This Year?

Two new categories to let individual students tell us their stories and show us how they support their programs. We even created a free course in broadcasting and shoutcasting to get you started!

Submissions are due April 29, 2023

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WWP Esports

“Call it!” 


Challenge 1 – The WWP Documentary 

Bring us into the program, interview your teammates and coaches, tell us why you show up every day. 

The WWP Documentary is what started it all, and it’s one of the most powerful ways to share your story. 

The content and format is up to you, the only thing that matters you tell us, in your word: the story of Why We Play.


Challenge 2 – Production/Behind The Scenes

Students who are interested in or are already producing and broadcasting for your program, we want to hear directly from you, why do you do it?

Tell us what it means for you to be behind the scenes to make your program visible. Take us there, show us what you do, and what it’s like to make it all come together.



Challenge 3 – On-Air Talent & Shoutcasting Reels

For the casters, this one is for you. We’re challenging you to make a casting reel and show us your chops, how you got there, and where you are headed.

What is it about being in front of the camera that you love? Is it the action? The stats? Just being there for the key moments and memories? Tell us, why do you cast? 

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Background and Inspiration

Grants and Gear!

All you have to do is submit to one of the three categories. We are actively working on additional gear giveaways and will update this page when confirmed!


Program Grant

PHNXGaming Foundation and NASEF will award 3x $400 grants.
(One for each category)


Headset Raffle!

TWT Audio Esports Headsets will be raffled off to a team in each category!
(US Shipping only)

Past Beyond the Game Challenges and Award Recipients

Spring 2019-20

Abdul M., Centennial High School, CA
Adam H., Lampeter Strasburg High School, PA
Dorothy F., Quincy Junior Senior High School, CA
Ethan A., Edison High School, CA
Grace P., Elite Prep San Jose, CA​

Katrina M., Troy High School, CA
CalAPS (California Advancing Pathways for Students), CA
Nicole S., Fairfield High School, IA
William O., Eleanor Roosevelt High School, CA

Winter 2019-20

Dallas C. - Fairfield High School, IA
Bradley C. - Southwest Miami High School, FL
Dustin D. - Cornell School District, PA
Vanessa F. - Miami Lakes Educational Center, FL
Nicholas G. - Elk County Catholic High School, PA
Jazaria G. - ReGenerate Tech, FL

Seung (Angel) J. - Troy High School, CA
Singing Coyote M., Erick P., Bryan A., Adrian T., Huy T., Anthony N.  - Magnolia High School, CA
Khiem N. - Evergreen Valley High School, CA
William O. - Eleanor Roosevelt High School, CA
Dararith S. - Centennial High School, CA
Luke S. - Garnet Valley High School, PA

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