Professional Development

We offer customized virtual and/or in-person professional development based on your community’s goals and objectives. We can support program development, curricular integration, along with connecting you to our vast network of affiliates and leaders to support the growth of your community.

Online Certification Courses

We have partnered with Skillshot Media to create various self-paced learning courses that provide educators with the fundamentals of Scholastic Esports with courses such as, 8 Steps to Successful Club Start-up, Esports Coaching Certification, Esports Educator Certification, and many courses planned for the future.  

NASEF x Skillshot Academy

In-Person / Virtual Workshops

Training & guidance on your scholastic esports
program from credentialed educators, specialists and NASEF Community Leaders - educators with over 3+ years of experience implementing esports programs in the classroom and out of school settings.

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Community Services

Embed or contract with NASEF Scholastic Esports experts into your corporate entity to accelerate your learning initiatives. You'll receive support from NASEF Community Leaders along with access to a professional learning community of NASEF Scholastic Fellows.

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