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Unique workshop to help students engage with digital technology and agriculture

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High school esports is growing—and it’s changing who can be an athlete

NASEF i Venture Valley ogłaszają międzynarodowy konkurs biznesowy dla szkolnych zespołów!


Farmcraft: Teaching Agriculture Through Esports

Venture Valley Video Game Expands into Poland's School System Through Partnership with FutureLab

E-Sports Bangladesh in Esports Summit

Bulldogs Flex Gaming Muscle at ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Tourney

At Stony Brook University, a new esports room

Lompoc, Cabrillo all in for new CIF sanctioned Esports

NASEF promotes Claire LaBeaux to Chief Advancement Officer

NASEF and its mission in global scholastic esports

Esports Market is Projected to Reach US$ 9.1 Billion in 2028

Gamers gonna game in ICHS Esports program

NASEF is working to build the ecosystem by planning youth competitions, supporting high schools in starting esports clubs, and offering coaching and mentorship.

CCTI joins NASEF for national level competition

Gerald Solomon to moderate a session about significance of education for content producers, teams, and athletes

How Minecraft and Agriculture Lead to an Esports Competition

Build ‘beyond the game’ for max esports impact

How Esports Promotes Inclusion and Belonging

Access to courses for 3,000 IESF members

6 Tips to Begin an Elementary Esports Program in Your School

CCIU Receives Grant to Develop Pennsylvania Esports Ecosystem

EMK Center Organises Day-long FIFA 2022 Esports Tournament

Today’s Gamers May Be Tomorrow’s Agricultural Experts

Let's Talk Stem with Dr. Calvin Mackie Talks with Esports Guru Gerald Solomon about the Worldwide Explosion of Esports Gaming

Video: Sunny Hills High Esports Program Engages Students While Building Computer Science Skills

The Gamer Generation: The Rise of E-Sports — FULLERTON, CA

EMK Launches Esports Club

PSUSD Esports Teams Showcase Benefits Competitive Gaming Can Have on Students

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STEM Education Updates from the U.S. Department of Education

27 Digital Tools and EdTech Resources from FETC

NASEF Takes JSS Online

Dubois Area School District May Consider Esports for Students 

10 Can’t-miss Sessions at FETC That Will Inspire Educators and Leaders

Play and Learn Through Esports

Albuquerque Comic Con 2022

This Week - Inspire YOUR Children to Code

Coventry Educator Lands Global Prize for Representing Women in the Video Game Industry

Dec. 14 - Join Us for the Esports and Education Virtual Conference & Expo 2021

Holy Family Catholic School Students Participating in Esports Program

Esports in the CTE Classroom: Discord Bot Development

Minecraft and Makerspaces: Learning Design Through Play

How The Pottsboro Area Library Is Keeping Its Community Together Through COVID-19

Getting in the Game: More Ohio Schools on Board with Growing Esports Trend

NAECAD Interview: Lori Parks, Northeastern Regional Information Center

Powerful Partnerships for Continued Esports Success and Growth

Level Up Your Team with Tech That Supports K–12 Esports Content Creators

Esports Thrives in K–12 Schools for Reasons Other than Gameplay

Schools Embrace Esports for Career and Connection

Schools Embrace Esports for Career and Connection

Gaming Ground: Esports Make Way Into TC Classrooms

5 Hidden Building Blocks for a Successful Scholastic Esports Program

How to Build Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Scholastic Esports

How to Engage At-risk Students Through Esports

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Scholastic Esports Participation Leads to Substantial Learning Outcomes

How Scholastic Esports Opens Up College Pathways

Use Esports and Teach Youth to “Play Well. Be Well.”

Bulldog Leaders Are Game for an Esports Program

The DeanBeat: The State Department’s Gaming Man Wants More Citizen Diplomats

IESF Partners with NASEF and Names Solomon World Esports Education Commission Chair

IESF Partners With NASEF And Appoints Chair of World Esports Education Commission  

IESF Partners with NASEF and Appoints Gerald Solomon as its Chair of World Esports Education Commission

NASEF to Share Esports Curriculum with World-leading Organization

Summer Esports: 4 Opportunities to Learn, Play

Spring Mills High E-sports Team Offers Students Pathways to Bright Futures and a Place to Belong

Prairie Grove Student Wins Digital Competition

Lake Stevens High Schooler Wins a ‘Madden NFL’ National Title

Scholastic Esports Consolidation to Empower Play and Learning Around the World; High School Esports League (HSEL), Middle School Esports League (MSEL) and North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) Join Forces

SIIA Announces Education Technology Finalists for 2021 CODiE Awards

3 Major Scholastic Esports Organizations Join Forces

Can Minecraft Be Used as an Educational Tool?

Limestone Playing for Esports National Title in Unified Rocket League Tournament

Limestone Playing for Esports National Title in Unified Rocket League Tournament

Innovate+Educate Announces the Winners of the National Competition "Create an Earth Day Awareness Ad"

C-R Esports Team Place 12th in National Tourney

High School Esports Is Growing, but Competition Isn't Local — One Group Hopes to Change That

New IHS Esports Program Gets Students Working Together

Interview With NASEF JAPAN Founder Kensuke Ozaki

College, K-12 Esports Groups Partner to Fuel Student Success

The Do’s and Don’ts of Scholastic Esports Programs

NASEF Teams with NHHL’s Coyotes to Grow Esports in Arizona

Online gaming nights encourage friendships, inclusivity through shared experiences

Game Changer How Small School Districts Can Win Big With Esports

K-12, College Esports Groups Partner to Boost Student Success

The Rise of Collegiate Esports in the UK

Metro YMCAs Piloting Esports Program for Youth and Teens

Bringing Gaming, Esports to Preservice Teacher Experience

Valentine’s Day Brings Treat for Massac Esports

National Association of Collegiate Esports Partners With NASEF


E2CCB Launches Esports League for Area School Districts

B-UHS Introduces E-sports Team, Unveils New Lab

Hickman Leading the Charge with Competitive Esports

Free Minecraft Contests to Teach Stem Skills

Gowanda Schools Make Play for Esports

New IHS Esports Program Gets Students Working Together

5 Tips to Improve a Scholastic Esports Team

How to Build an Esports Community

How Esports Taps the Power of Near-Peer Mentorship

New Level Reached: Border and World Diplomacy Through Video Games

Among Us at the Library - A Learning Experience

Park Assistant Football Coach Is Also Esports Coach and Promotes Value of Both in Building Life Skills

NASEF Launches Minecraft Meets Rube Goldberg Competition

Still Not Convinced About the Power of Esports in Schools?

NASEF, ‘Minecraft Education’ Bring Rube Goldberg Machine Contest to Digital

State & Union: Ca Boces Launching Scholastic Esports League

Researchers Find SEL Gains for Students in Esports

NASEF and Twitch Team Up on Scholastic Esports Programs

How Miami Esports are Getting Students Ready For Tomorrow

How To Launch An Esports Team During COVID-19

Minecraft Masters Global Competition offered by NASEF in conjunction with scholastic esports partners in France, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, and the UK

Back to the Future: My Epiphany with Scholastic Esports

July 2020 Guide: Esports

8 Things to Help Your District Launch an Esports Program

Research Shows Significant Learning via Scholastic Esports

Explore Esports with New Minecraft: Education Edition Lessons and Teaching Guide

New NASEF Resource Offers Esports Career Resources

NASEF Builds Up Esports Career Resources

Esports Team Wins Second Place in Recent Tournament

Growing a Community of Educators Around Scholastic Esports

Hitmarker Partners with NASEF to Help Students Find Esports Opportunities

Pennsylvania High School Esports Boosts Learning Opportunities and National Profile By Becoming a NASEF Affiliate

Game (Still) On: Chambersburg Esports Team Goes National after State Title Win

NHL Teams Are Utilizing Esports To Keep Fans Engaged During Coronavirus Pandemic

NASEF Lassos Texas Esports Federation to Broaden Esports Impact in Statec

NHL Teams Are Utilizing Esports To Keep Fans Engaged During Coronavirus Pandemic

SVHS esports Finishes 11th in North America

Library Esports Programs Keep Kids Connected

Online Gaming & Schools: A Win-Win

Students Compete in Scholastic Esports

Screen Time Use Sparks Discussion over How Much Is Too Much

Telemundo 51 in Miami, FL on League of Legends - G. Holmes Braddock vs. Southwest Miami Sr. High

The Educational Power of Putting Esports in Your Classroom

Broward STEM Teachers Use Minecraft to Engage Students in Distance Learning

Librarians Offer Ideas to Keep Students Gaming Remotely

Social Media Platform eFuse Partners with NASEF

Code of Conduct Essential for Esports Programs at Home

As Traditional Sport Seasons Are Shut down, Are High School Esports about to Have a Moment?

New Ohio Collaborative to Support Esports in High Schools

British Esports Association Levels up Content with Host of New Regular Streaming Shows, in Partnership with Twitch Student and NASEF

NASEF Runs Online Esports Activities for Gamers, Coaches and School Supporters

Anaheim Ducks: Embracing Esports in the Absence of the NHL

Steinkuehler to Keynote Academic Esports Conference

Solidifying a Place for Esports in the Classroom

Connecting with Teens Through Esports

What Goes into Building an Esports Team

Esports Group NASEF Offers Free Online Sessions to Students

YMCA of Orange County’s New Esports Program Teaches Kids the Business of Gaming

Nasef Launches Free Esports Activities for Students

Esports Enters the Classroom

Psychologists Reaffirm That Blaming Video Games for Violence Is ‘Not Scientifically Sound’

High School Esports Shine at DreamHack Anaheim with the Chel Invitational

Humble ISD Brings Gaming to Classroom with Esports Course

¿Los Esports Son Solo Un Juego? 

One of a Kind: Cedar Cliff Debuts Area's First Esports Club in First Season of League of Legends

Mcallen ISD to Host Video Game Tournament

6 Districts in 6 States Add Esports Teams

British Esports Partners with NASEF to Further Grassroots Development

Naperville North E-Sports Takes Over Gaming Scene

British Esports Association Announces Partnership with North America Scholastic Esports Federation

The Hogwarts of Esports

Just Chel-in'

Get to Know LA Kings Esports Representative Harut Janikian

British Esports Association and NASEF Partner on Education Initiative

NASEF Expands Its Esports Reach with Uk Partnership

British Esports Association Partners with North America Scholastic Esports Federation

North America Scholastic Esports Federation Announces Education-Focused Collaboration With British Esports Association

North America Scholastic Esports Federation Announces Education-Focused Collaboration With British Esports Association

British Esports Association Enters into Education-focused Partnership with North America Scholastic Esports Federation

Esports Goes International

North America Scholastic Esports Federation Announces Education-Focused Collaboration With British Esports Association

How Schools Can Use Esports for More Than Just Gaming

One of a Kind: Cedar Cliff Debuts Area's First Esports Club in First Season of League of Legends

McAllen ISD Set to Host Video-game Tournament

Emerald Foundation to Host High School Esports Tournament This Weekend

For the Love of the Game: Local Gamers Venturing into World of Esports in High Schools

Video Game Curriculum Draws Student Interest in STSD

8 Tips to Launch an Esports Program in Your District

York High's Esports Team Exposes City Kids to World of Possibilities in Technology

How Esports Can Build Academic Skills and Career Readiness

Township’s First Esports Club Shows Significant Potential

OC Esports Federation Produces Positive STEM Learning Outcomes, Researchers Say

Naperville North Esports Team Second in North America after Just One Year of Play

NHL Teams Join Forces With North America Scholastic Esports Federation to Offer "2020 Chel Invitational" With Live Finals at DreamHack Anaheim

NHL Teams Join Forces With North America Scholastic Esports Federation to Offer "2020 Chel Invitational" With Live Finals at DreamHack Anaheim

2020 Chel Invitational: NHL Teams to Host NHL 20 Esports Tournaments

2020 Chel Invitation Finals To Be Hosted On Our Main Stage

Ducks Gaming Announces 2020 Regional Competition, Chel Invitational

Las Vegas Review Journal: Esports event

2020 Chel Invitational: NHL Teams to Host NHL 20 Esports Tournaments

Four NHL Teams Will Host Regional Esports Tournaments

Rats Roundup: Chel Invitational, Huberdeau Makes History

Get the free DA-FETC guide to K-12 esports

Pottsboro Library Teams Up For Esports

How Big School Districts Are Diving into Esports

How Educators Are Diversifying Esports

Esports Makes Its Way into San Diego High Schools and Has Boosted Some Students into College

San Diego County First High School Esports Competition

Video Gaming Sport Teaches Teamwork at Knollwood School 

NASEF and JHSEF Announce International Collaboration For Esports Youth

Japan High School Esports Federation Formed with Backing by Mainichi Shimbun

NASEF Partners with Japan High School Esports Federation

Ridge Gamers Place 4th In Esports Semifinals

Ridge Gamers To Compete In Esports Semifinals Saturday

Game On: Esports Team Kicks off Inaugural Season at GHS

North America Scholastic Esports Federation and the Japan High School Esports Federation Announce Exciting New Collaboration to Benefit High School Students Through International Activities and Exchange

Esports In High School? League Seeks To Engage A New Generation Of Learners

Esports BAR 2019: Esports Education

Esports at the Library

Esports Making Inroads at Lebanon High School

Northern California E-sports League Possibly Coming to Magnolia Intermediate School

September 2019 Library Tech Newsbytes: IMLS Grant for Esports

K-12 Esports Teams Can Give Students College and Career-Readiness Skills

Texas Library Utilizes $50,000 Federal Grant to Launch Esports Program

In the Spotlight: Esports Enthusiast Terry Kraft Helping Enhance Stem Learning Throughout the Region

ABC News 27: Elizabethtown High School's Esports Club

Action News Now: Competitive Video Games Are Helping Students Heal After the Camp Fire

American Libraries Magazine: Texas Library Gets Grant to Start Esports Program

How to Start an Esports Program at Your K-12 School

Encouraging the Esports Boom

Gateway Considers Esports Club for Students

2019 Spotlight Non-Profit – NASEF: North America Scholastic Esports Federation

5 Benefits This Texas School District Got from Esports with NASEF

Pottsboro Library Receives Federal Grant to Start Esports Program

Esports Guide for Parents: Here Are 5 Answers to Common Questions

Video Games in School? Scholastic Esports Is Gaining Momentum in Lancaster County

Podcast - A SmartBrief Presentation: Esports and Education

Emerald Foundation spearheads Esports Club formation thanks to PAsmart Grant

Level up Pedagogy Through Esports

Esports Conference Highlights Gaming’s Connection with Education

Esports Community Donates Money, Computers to Victims of Butte County Wildfire


Destination Irvine, UCI Promote Irvine’s Esports Arena

Why You Need Esports at Your School (And How to Start It)

Gerald Solomon and Claire LaBeaux Talk NASEF

Games For Change 2019: “Esports: Competitive Play and Social Good”

Esports Clubs Expand Learning Opportunities for K–12 Players

Getting into the Game

How to Prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Esports in the Classroom

NHL 19 Tournament Final

NASEF, Anaheim Ducks Are Giving Out Scholarships for Esports

UCI Esports Director Mark Deppe on Future of Collegiate Esports and NCAA


Esports & The Scholar Gamer LIVE at SXSW EDU

Ducks and NASEF to Host NHL 19 Esports Tournament

Ladies of League: How an All-female High School Esports Team Is Preparing for a Historic Season

Video Games Score Points with Teachers on Academic Benefits

Year in Review 2018 - Esports: A Gateway to Learning

Gaming to the Top of “Overwatch”

Women of Esports: Troy High School's Esports Club

Esports: The Price of the Grind

Growing Pipeline of Young Gamers Developing Their Skills in School Programs

Competitive Gaming Makes Its Way into the Classroom with Esports Curriculum

Character Building with Esports Programs

Esports Coming to Northern California Schools

Not Your Traditional Athletics Program: The Value of Esports in Education

High School Esports 2019 Lineup Announced by North America Scholastic Esports Federation

Computer Gaming Gets Real


Interview with Mark Deppe, NASEF Commissioner

Thriving Through Competitive Gaming

Bringing Esports to the Land of Letter Jackets

Esports Coming to Northern California Schools

Mark Deppe Named Commissioner of NASEF

Video Games Score Points with Teachers on Academic Benefits

The Academy of Esports: Interview with Tom Turner

Esports Curriculum Meets High School Children Where They Play

Schools Use Esports as a Learning Platform

Gamers Are the New High School Athletes: The Rise of Esports

Panel - Game to Grow: How Esports Can Shape Student Success

E-sports in Schools Primed to Grow ‘bigger than the NFL’

Leverage Student's Gaming Interest

A New Generation of High School Athletes Will Play Esports

Esports Leaders and Hopefuls Converge for First Industry Conference at UCI

Orange County High School Esports League Finals

Interview: Gerald Solomon - Creating Balance and Building Opportunities In High School Esports

How An Esports League Is Changing Learning After School

Esports in Education...STEM

Orange County High School Esports League Combines Education, Gaming

Interview: Constance Steinkuehler Talks E-sports and Education at UCI

Interview:  High School E-sports Comes to Life in Orange County's Groundbreaking League

OC Students Honing Teamwork, Problem-solving, Communication Skills in New E-sports League

First Orange County Esports League has Gamers Competing from 25 High Schools

Upper St. Clair teacher named esports scholastic fellow