Tournament Checklist

This page contains all of our main season Tournament Checklists. Our tournament checklist is a collection of all resources for each tournament. This includes tutorials and guides on how to use the NASEF Club Dashboard, setting up lobbies with the proper settings, rulesets, IT support articles and more!

General Tutorials

Resources and guides on how to use the NASEF Club Dashboard. Learn how to onboard students, find our free toolkits and more.

Resource Description
Competition Toolkit Requires Club Dashboard login to access. A collection of NASEF-exclusive competition resources!
NASEF Code of Conduct We take this pretty seriously! Make sure to review this with your students before competing.
Misconduct Report Form Need to report an incident? Use this form!
Match Day Prep and Procedures Prepping your team, Checking in, Reporting Scores and Rescheduling using LeagueSpot
NASEF x LeagueSpot Guidebook How to invite students to LeagueSpot, What you can do as a Manager and Player, etc

Rocket League

Resource Description
Tournament Ruleset Rules, Rules, Rules! Be sure to read the ruleset before competing!
Roster Locking Rules Roster changes - when and how to do them.
Game Day Procedures and Platform Guide What should your team expect on match day? How do I use the tournament platform? Read here!
Creating a Private Match/Custom Lobby in Rocket League Learn how to create a lobby with the proper settings for your match!
Rocket League IT Help Page Everything you and your IT Administrator need to know about Rocket League!

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