Winter 2019 Beyond the Game™ Challenges

learning Feb 27, 2020
Winter 2019 BTG Awards

High school students interested in a variety of STEM and creative careers compete for scholarships, club grants, recognition and mentorship opportunities in “Beyond the Game™” Challenges offered by the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF).

This past winter, there were 13 categories of competition. Award recipients were selected for demonstrating  excellence in scholastic esports. 

We received nearly 100 submissions from students representing scholastic esports clubs located in eight states. Out of the submissions, almost 40% of entries were from 12 grade students, followed by 23% of entries from 10th grade students.

Winter 2019 Beyond the Game Challenges Award Recipients include:

  • Dallas C. - Fairfield High School, Iowa
  • Bradley C. - Southwest Miami High School, Florida
  • Dustin D. - Cornell School District, Pennsylvania
  • Vanessa F. - Miami Lakes Educational Center, Florida
  • Nicholas G. - Elk County Catholic High School, Pennsylvania
  • Jazaria G. - ReGenerate Tech, Florida
  • Seung (Angel) J. - Troy High School, California
  • Singing Coyote M., Erick P., Bryan A., Adrian T., Huy T., Anthony N.  - Magnolia High School, California
  • Khiem N. - Evergreen Valley High School, California
  • William O. - Eleanor Roosevelt High School, California
  • Dararith S. - Centennial High School, California
  • Luke S. - Garnet Valley High School, California



Nicholas G. from Elk County Catholic High School interviewed Walid Bassal from the Overwatch League for his submission for the Challenge #4 When I Grow Up: Interview an Esports Professional. He interviewed Walid via text and learned about how he became an esports professional, including how he was able to get sponsorships.

Upon learning about being awarded a $500 scholarship, mentoring session with an esports professional, and a Western Digital SSD, Nicholas G. replied “I am humbled to have received a scholarship that not only did I have a blast making, but would have never thought even existed until a few months ago. Having the opportunity to interview a professional player that competes with the world watching was beyond my imagination. I am excited to let my friends and family know that I won a scholarship for being an active member of the esports community and strive to become even more engaged.” 



Vanessa F. from Miami Lakes Educational Center submitted a video for Challenge #7: Let's Get Hype: Create a Club or Team Video. When describing her video in the submission narrative, she emphasized the importance of educating adults and potential “skeptics” about the importance of supporting students’ passion for video games and showcasing ways her club provides opportunities beyond the competition, as in art and teamwork.  

Vanessa F. was awarded a $500 scholarship, mentoring session with an esports professionals, and Logitech C922 Pro HD Stream Webcam. “Video games have always been the place where I am accepted. Despite everything I face in the real world, virtual reality is a place where everyone can work together and be a team. To be able to be social media manager of the e-sports club at my school is more than an honor. I am beyond grateful for this award, and I hope that my presence in the gaming community can inspire other girls to step up, too,” said Vanessa F. acknowledging her award. 

We will be launching our Spring 2020 Beyond the Game Challenges on March 3, 2020. Make sure to visit our Beyond the Game Challenges.


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