2020 Design Jam #1 Winner

events Jul 14, 2020
2020 Design Jam #1 Winner

NASEF held it's Design Jam Sprint #1 from June 8th to June 19, 2020 where we challenged students to submit their best work to help us create a digital badge for the NASEF Scholastic Fellows Program.

We received some outstanding submissions from our talented students! 

Congratulations to Our Winner, Evie M.! 

After facing a tough decision, our judges chose Evie M. as our winner for Design Jam #1! 

When notified of her winning submission, she said the following (which brought a smile to the faces to NASEF's team): 

"When I found out I won.
First, there was silence
*shocked silence*
Then came the embarrassing squeals of joy
Soon after followed another realization
*oh wow I won...this means a lot of work*
Directly after that
*well, shoot I'm going to have to talk to people*

I never did it to win it, I did it as a fun learning opportunity, as something to combine my love of art, games, and competition. I'm glad I won though because now I get an entirely new learning opportunity." - Evie


The team at NASEF is excited to get a chance to work with such a talented young woman! Congratulations to Evie and thanks to all who participated! 

Join the Next Design Jam Sprints

We have 2 more Design Jam Sprints for students to participate in, so don't delay and join the fun... 

  • NASEF Design Jam Sprint #2 - NASEF's Gaming Logo: July 6 - 17, 2020
  • NASEF Design Jam Sprint #3 - TBA: August 3 - 14, 2020

Do you know a student who should join in the Sprints? Let them know!

Learn more about how to participate, deadlines, and other details on the Design Jam Series page. 

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