Become a NASEF Scholastic Esports Student Leader this Summer

Are you an aspiring artist, designer, or content creator looking for a challenge? 



We are seeking your support in developing several new logo designs this summer, and we want our NASEF community to be our inspiration and serve as student leaders! We know that NASEF students are creative, innovative and always looking for new opportunities to learn and lead in scholastic esports. 

We will introduce a new Challenge at the beginning of each month and give you two weeks to complete the designs. Each Challenge will provide all details for each design, including any font, color, text, file format, and other necessary requirements. 

If selected, you will have the opportunity to meet with the NASEF Communications Team, work with a professional designer to finalize your logo, and have your design featured on our social media!

Design Jam Series Dates:

  • NASEF Design Jam Sprint #1 - Digital Badges for NASEF’s Scholastic Fellows Program: June 8 - 19, 2020
  • NASEF Design Jam Sprint #2 - NASEF's Gaming Logo: July 6 - 17, 2020


How It Works

NASEF is seeking student inspiration for several logo designs this summer. We will host two different Design Jams in two week blocks from June through July. Each Design Jam will introduce a different logo design need and parameters. Students can compete in one or both Design Jam challenges. NASEF will review all selected winners’ submissions for inspiration as we launch our new logos. We cannot guarantee that NASEF will use your winning logo in its entirety, but NASEF designers will review your design for inclusion and inspiration.

What you need to do to participate in the NASEF Design Jam Series:

  • There is no fee to enter.
  • Review our the eligibility requirements.
  • Follow the Challenge guidelines.
  • Use your preferred digital media creation tool (ex: Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, etc.) or fine art media to design the Challenge.
  • Submit your submission and reflection using our online submission form.

Submission Form

Who Can Enter

  • Any student age 13-18 years who is enrolled in middle or high school (secondary school) in the United States, Mexico, or Canada.
  • Be sure to check with your parent or legal guardian before sending any information to NASEF.
  • Any student or adult sponsor (on behalf of the student) may submit a design.
  • Any student may submit more than one submission per Challenge.


Digital badges are used as a symbol or indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest.  Traditionally, they have been used in video games to show how players have leveled up but have now increasingly become a way to show professional certifications that can be used to “level up” your career!  We want you to help us design a badge for our Scholastic Fellows Program that represents the connection between esports and education.

Design Jam Sprint #1 Challenge: Create three badges for NASEF’s Scholastic Fellows Program! NASEF is seeking Scholastic Esports Student Leaders who can help design badges that can be used on our website, social media and print materials.

Timeline: June 8 -19, 2020

Download the Challenge

Want to create the face of the NASEF Gaming Log? Help us design a gaming logo! Think about the logos used your favorite sports or esports team. Logos help teams, schools, clubs, companies, etc. identify its uniform, team, membership, products and more. It’s a recognizable graphic element that can include a name, symbol or trademark.

Design Jam Sprint #2 Challenge: Create NASEF's Gaming Logo! We want YOU to help create elements for NASEF’s new gaming logo for us to use for competition-related activities.

To help you create some concepts, here are some details: 

  • Your gaming logo design should include elements from NASEF’s main logo.
  • This logo may be seen on team jerseys, hats, stickers, lanyards, and all other NASEF gear.
  • Your design concept should be made to print on clothing and for use online. 
  • Our team of graphic designers will use elements of the winning design in the final logo, and you’ll receive credit as being part of the team!
  • Logo should be submitted in PNG and vector format. 

Timeline: July 7 - 17, 2020

Download the Challenge

The winner will be announced Friday, July 27, 2020.

Getting Started in Logo Design

Download our quick guide on logo design. It will help you get started as you compete in our Design Jam Sprint.

Download Guide

How do I get started with logo design? Join Claire LaBeaux and Douglas Konopelko from in a conversation about logo design.


Selection Process

A panel of NASEF team members, affiliates and partners will review submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Format: How well did your design follow NASEF guidelines? Did you follow the formatting requirements?
  • Originality: How original is the design? Are there new elements that enhance the design?
  • Craftsmanship: What is the quality of the design? What skills were utilized? Did you pay attention to detail?
  • Reflection: How did you reflect on your design?


NASEF will award one NASEF Student Marketing Leader per Design Jam. They will receive:

  • A 2020 NASEF Design Jam Certificate.
  • (1) 30-minute NASEF Communications Team (Communications Director, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of Tournament Operations, Chief Operations Officer, and Marketing Coordinator) call and walk through your inspiration and design.
  • (1) 15-minute mentor session with an esports professional/collegiate athlete. 
  • Your design will reviewed for inspiration and possible integration into the NASEF logo; and 
  • Social media and website recognition as a NASEF Scholastic Esports Student Leader.

Submission Guidelines

To be eligible to participate in any of the 2020 NASEF Design Jam Series, all entries must meet the basic requirements:

  • Any submission design:
    • Must be your own original work.
    • Must not contain any content that is obscene or offensive.
      Must not contain your image or any identification markers.
      Make sure your files are high resolution, not crooked, and can easily be viewed.
  • Follow the specific Challenge guidelines.
  • All submissions must include the name and contact information for an adult sponsor. A sponsor can be any adult, but is typically a parent, guardian, esports club general manager or teacher. The adult sponsor will receive a copy of the submission.
  • All entries must be submitted using our online submission by the Challenge deadline.
  • This challenge may be submitted by an individual student or adult sponsor on behalf of a student. 
  • NASEF reserves the right to use students’ work for marketing and promotional purposes in any and all media.

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