Winter 2020 High School Scholastic League of Legends Tournament Playoff Roundup 4/29

competitive league Apr 29, 2020
Winter 2020 Playoff Roundup April

The League Championship Series may be between splits, but NASEF’s winter playoffs are currently going on to fulfill all your competitive League of Legends esports needs.

Originally, the winter playoffs were scheduled to take place between March 23 and April 11, but like many other events around the world, Covid-19 caused some delays. We’re excited to resume the tournament and for the students who worked hard to get here.

The default match time for games are Wednesday at 3:30pm in the bracket’s native time zone. You can catch the matches on our Twitch channel.

Key highlights from last week

Central Playoffs:

  • Seed 10 Plainfield East High School Green won over Seed 7 The Rift Wreckers
  • Seed 11 Leviathan (last year's ET bracket champion that advanced to live finals) won over Seed 5 FHC eSports

ET Playoffs:

  • Seed 14 AB Esports Blue won over Seed 3 Essex District 
  • Seed 15 CDHS BeeSports won over Seed 2 Franklin Regional High School Toxic Tantalizers

Florida Playoffs:

  • Seed 6 EGES White won over Seed 3 GHB RETRO VICE

West A Playoffs:

  • Seed 13 Galileo Lions Varsity won over Seed 2 Gold Barons

West B and PA didn't have any upsets.

We have the following veteran teams in the playoffs:

  • La Quinta
  • Valencia
  • University High (Irvine)
  • Troy
  • Valencia
  • Sunny Hills
  • Fountain Valley
  • Cypress

Finally, we have a few undefeated teams we’d like to highlight:

  • Naperville North High School (CT Playoffs)
  • Troy League Warriors#2 (West B Playoffs)
  • Kitsilano Secondary School (West B Playoffs) - new school

Revised Playoff Schedule

All Brackets

  • Round 1: April 20 - 25
  • Round 2: April 27- May 2
  • Round 3 May 4 – 9
  • Round 4: May 11 – 16


  • Break: May 18 – 23

West(A), West(B), CT

  • Break: May 18 - 30

Affiliate Bracket Champion

  • PA Playoffs Champion vs. Fl Playoffs Champion: May 18 – 23

ET Division Finals

  • Affiliate Bracket Champion vs. ET Playoffs Champion: May 25 - 30

With the finals taking place on June 6.


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