Summer Gaming Guide 2020

clubs Jul 10, 2020
Summer Gaming Guide 2020

As we shift our normal vacation plans of bonfires and trips to the amusement park, we want to highlight some ways you can optimize your gaming this summer!

Prioritize Your Wellness

Although it’s great to find time and get lost in our favorite game, we have to remind ourselves that our body needs rest and recovery to continue at its best. 

NASEF encourages community members to incorporate positive healthy habits in between and while gaming: 

  • Get your heart pumping. Incorporate an activity in the morning that gets your heart rate up, such as an outdoor walk or jog or yoga. 
  • Take a wellness break. Incorporate 10-minute moments away from your screen after playing for an hour. Stretch your muscles and let your eyes relax!
  • Embrace the outdoors. We can get lost at our desks and spend hours inside. Sunlight and fresh air can help provide another form of a wellness break you need to come back refreshed and ready.

Swap the soda with water. Caffeinated drinks can affect your ability to have a good night’s rest, which is essential!

Embrace Technology-Free Gaming

Switch up your gaming space and move it onto the dinner table or to the backyard! 

Tabletop games are a great way to connect with those in your home. Bring out a classic board game or consider a tabletop role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons! If you are feeling extra nostalgic, there are an abundance of card games you can revive and play. 

Beyond the table and into the outdoors, there are an abundance of activities to get your body moving, soaking the sun, and taking in some fresh air. Healthy habits are essential! NASEF emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body for all gamers. For more information on incorporating positive habits into your gaming lifestyle, visit our Healthy Gaming resource page

Connect in an Online Community

NASEF and its partners offer a variety of sessions for students and educators to join online and connect with the scholastic esports community. Participation is free and open to all students, educators, administrators, executive directors, program managers, parents and everyone in the scholastic esports community. 

In May, we caught up with Vanessa F., a high school junior from Miami Lakes Educational Center in Miami, Florida to discuss what being a part of a NASEF club has helped her and fellow classmates cope with this unique time in history. 

“I haven’t been able to go to my clubs, which is something I’ve always looked forward to when I’m on campus. Since we have to stay at home, I haven’t been able to see my favorite teachers and friends, so it’s been more lonely. I have friends who are seniors, so I’ve missed seeing them. As a result, I’ve made it a habit to check with my clubs. Our esports club has a Discord server, so we’re checking in on a daily basis to see what we can do for each other.” 

Want to connect with your peers but not sure where to start? We invite all of our club members to join NASEF's moderated Discord server to ask questions, participate in hangouts, and get inspiration for their own future Discord. 

Community Club

NASEF Community Discord

Compete Online

Of course, what is esports without a few tournaments! For our NASEF Clubs, our Extra Credit tournaments are back for Summer 2020! 

This summer, we're including multiple waves of tournaments to include a larger variety of game titles. Starting off with Smash Ultimate, Teamfight Tactics, and mobile game Mobile Legends!

Extra Credit Tournaments

Attend an Online Esports Camp (for students AND educators!)

There are plenty of camps that can be both fun, informative, and most critically, occupy your time during the summer. Stay up-to-date on the camps we are following this summer in our 2020 Esports Summer Camps Rundown!

Summer Camps Rundown 2020

And camps don’t only have to be for students! For the educator who is looking to level up their knowledge, NASEF offers free Scholastic Esports Academies. Coming up this July 17-18 is our Scholastic Esports Academy: Rocket League for Educators and General Managers. With our partner Connected Camps, we will prepare General Managers, coaches and educators in understanding the basics of Rocket League. 

Applications for our Scholastic Esports Academy: Rocket League for Educators and General Managers, closes on 12:00pm PDT | 3:00pm EDT on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

There are an abundance of opportunities available to enjoy the benefits of scholastic esports! Be sure to tag us on social media with some of your summer tips!

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