Students: Earn Digital Badges for Your Role in Scholastic Esports

collegiate scholastic esports students Apr 20, 2022
Students: Earn Digital Badges for Your Role in Scholastic Esports

Stand out in the crowd of college applicants.
NASEF and Tallo have established a program to award digital badges to students who participate in various aspects of scholastic esports. These badges help students distinguish their roles in esports. Because they've been verified by NASEF, they carry significant weight with employers and recruiters.

Students can use the Tallo platform to build a portfolio and showcase interests, experiences, and goals. Tallo connects them with meaningful educational and career-related opportunities, whether through college and employment recruiters reviewing information on the site, or by presenting events like our recent joint college fair with esports coaches and directors. 

Tallo works with some of the largest colleges and employers in the country to bring opportunities to students. Employers like Boeing use Tallo to power their STEM Signing Day events across the country to recognize high school seniors entering STEM fields. Here's what Boeing had to say about their relationship with Tallo: “We can't thank Tallo enough for all the did to make our inaugural Boeing STEM Signing Day such a success!” This is just one example of an opportunity students can find exclusively on Tallo.

NASEF and Tallo have undertaken this project because NASEF’s mission is far greater than gaming alone. NASEF is working to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. As students develop those skills, it’s important to showcase those to potential employers and college program directors and recruiters. These badges will do just that.

Tallo is a free online connection platform that has helped over 1.7 Million people create professional profiles. Tallo provides unlimited opportunities to connect with employers, financial aid, and opportunities that are the right fit—based on individual skills, goals and interests.

Colleges and esports-related companies around the world recognize NASEF as the gold standard. Its esports clubs are well-known for developing a student as a “whole individual” with interpersonal and school skills that prepare them to thrive in college and life. A NASEF badge conveys all those things.

Badges you can earn now!

NASEF and Tallo are now offering students the opportunity to earn several badges:

NASEF Club Member: all NASEF clubs create and abide by a code of conduct. Member badges recognize that students follow these guidelines and are positive, contributing members of a student community.

NASEF Club Leader: demonstrated leadership is an important differentiator of skills and attributes. The Club Leader badge can be awarded to students who have key roles such as president, treasurer, secretary, and (because it’s esports!) coordinator of shoutcasting, streaming, tournaments.

NASEF Esports Tournament Team Member: being a member of a competitive team, in esports or traditional sports, conveys many things about a student, including their ability to communicate and collaborate with others, ability to juggle practice/tournament/school/homework/family/friend schedules.

NASEF Esports Tournament Team Leader: a team leader, such as a captain, takes on even more responsibility than the other members. This badge recognizes the additional commitment and effort made to unify and encourage a team and be a role model to others.

NASEF just wrapped up its 2022 Digital Rube Goldberg Machine Minecraft Contest, and students engaged in that event can also earn and add badges to their portfolios. In this STEAM competition, students from grades 3-12 competed with machines that they imagined, designed, and created in Minecraft Education Edition. The competitions encourage teamwork and out-of-the-box problem-solving in a fresh learning environment and level playing field. A badge earned in the Digital Rube Goldberg Minecraft competition demonstrates that students have skills in design, engineering, technology, teamwork, and more. 

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How to earn and share a NASEF esports badge

  1.        Create your free Tallo profile in the app.  
  2.        In the Badges section of your profile, tap the pencil icon to edit the section entries1.
  3.        Enter NASEF, and follow the instructions to select your badge.
  4.        Your information will be reviewed, and your badge will be awarded upon approval.
  5.        Your Tallo profile will be updated to include your badge. You can also share links to the badge in college and job applications, and more.

Don’t miss your chance to stand out from all the other applicants! Create your free Tallo profile and proudly display your NASEF badges. 


1 Note that Tallo does not currently service or promote internationally, resulting in limitations on international data selection, including current school attending (can skip) and college interest (cannot skip - please select a US college/university if preferred selection is not available). Future enhancements will allow for international data selection and profile updates.

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