Student Blog: My Trip to DreamHack from Nova Scotia, Canada

students Aug 10, 2020


My name is Nik V. and I won the NHL 20 Coastal Cup and was the NASEF Finalist and here is my DreamHack Trip blog.

First thing I wanna say is that none of this would've happened if it wasn’t for NASEF, so I’d like to say thanks to them for the whole experience. 

Starting up the club was pretty easy because the librarian at my school helped me set it up and was very helpful through the process. When I got back all my friends, teachers and principals congratulated me so that was also nice. We never got a chance to discuss what to do with the money yet due to COVID but we will soon. (I won $4361 CAD grants for my school, plus a scholarship of $4000 CAD for myself!)

My experience at DreamHack was amazing, it was my first time on a plane too so that was great. At DreamHack I met tons of people and made tons of friends with people from all over the US. I still play NHL 20 with the Golden Knights finalist (Kaden) that I met at DreamHack; we play together all the time! 

It also felt pretty good to know that I was the only Canadian participating so I was representing Canada. It was very nice to be in an environment of people that share my same interests and interact with them. It felt great being interviewed a couple of times that day as well.

Being in California was a great experience. It was nice to not be in freezing cold weather in February! The whole atmosphere was amazing. To top off the experience I went to Disneyland after DreamHack and that was amazing.

I hope to get involved with the event next year as well.

The thing I love about esports is just being able to compete at a high level at the game you love playing and being able to be part of a tight-knit community.  

Overall it was an amazing time and the best day of my life. It was a first-class experience by NASEF, and I encourage everyone to get involved with them! 

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