Coalition of Parents in Esports Teams Up with NASEF

press release Apr 08, 2021
Partnership Coalition Parents Esports

Collaboration to help parents better understand esports and support kids’ dreams of playing and working in the industry

(Atlanta, Georgia – April 8, 2021) – The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) and the Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE) are forming a partnership to work together to help families understand esports career pathways and equip parents to support their kids who are pursuing their dream jobs.

Coalition of Parents in Esports is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to provide better information, resources and support for gamers and their families and promote the positive aspects of gaming for recreational, educational and career development of our youth.

NASEF leverages massive student interest in team-based competitive video gaming, offering meaningful career and STEM education alongside tournaments. Students don’t just compete in popular titles, they also learn about possible career pathways, enter Beyond the Game™ creative and analytic challenges, manage clubs and events and fundraising, and more.

"COPE is excited to partner with NASEF, as every parent really just wants the best education for their child. NASEF is an organization that recognized early that the best way to engage youth in effective learning is through what inspires them,” said Shae Williams, cofounder of COPE. “Creative and competitive games of this generation are more than just mindless screen time. They can be used to educate, build confidence, and build skills necessary for success in a digitally-connected world. By partnering we can help more parents learn how to use gaming positively in their home."

Williams is a former software executive with IBM and mom to pro gamer and content creator Vanish Duster. He is 16 and undecided on college and career, but he knows it will be in esports.

“Many parents feel overwhelmed by their fears about gaming and online social communities, but COPE wants to show parents that esports is a sport like any other where parents can support and cheer their child’s achievements," continued Williams.

The two organizations will partner to help parents learn more about the esports world and better understand how to support their children in their esports endeavors. Williams will be a member of NASEF’s advisory committee, offering the pro parent perspective to NASEF leadership.

Their first joint activity will be a Facebook Live held by NASEF on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. PT. NASEF leaders will be joined by Shae Williams and Chris Spikoski, the COPE Managing Director and parent of Misfits Sceptic. They will discuss what it’s like to be the parent of a pro esports athlete and how all youth can benefit from engagement in competitive gaming and content creation. Attendees can post questions in the chat to join the conversation.

“NASEF’s goal is to leverage scholastic esports to help all children grow, learn, and thrive. Since our founding, we have worked closely with schools and educators to ensure that meaningful learning is at the core of our programs. Through this partnership, we’ll be better able to connect with parents and provide insights into the competitive scene, as we continue to offer a broad vision of the esports world and the myriad of career opportunities,” said Gerald Solomon, founder and executive director of NASEF.

Learn more at the NASEF website or the COPE website.


The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) is on a mission to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to acquire STEM/STEAM-based skills and critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. NASEF operates under the umbrella of the World Wide Scholastic Esports Foundation (WWSEF). Find NASEF at and on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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