Tournament Update 12/10/18

competitive league Dec 10, 2018
OW Tournament Update

Attention NASEF Community:

Westview High School has been disqualified from the remaining Overwatch High School Scholastic Tournament effective immediately. On Friday, December 7, 2018, we determined that two players on the team were not students at Westview High School and thus ineligible to play for the team. This is in violation of our official Tournament Rules, and takes away from the integrity of our tournament. 

The teams who opposed Westview High School were contacted to schedule a re-match, seeded in the order as they were scheduled to play. The winner of the Towers of Doom format will move onto the Top 4 event on Saturday, December 15 at the UCI Esports Arena. 

As a reminder to our schools, teams and players, fair play is core element to NASEF and we have zero tolerance for cheating in our tournaments. 

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