We're At The Playoffs

competitive league Dec 01, 2018
Overwatch Playoffs 2018

It’s been a long journey since the beginning of our Fall 2018 Overwatch High School Scholastic tournament. With Tespa’s support, we successfully launched our tournament on the Tespa Compete site, providing a unique experience for high school students across North America.


After six weeks of upsets, losses, victories and lessons learned throughout our regular season, we’re finally at the Playoffs! We want to take this time to congratulate all sixteen teams that made it! We’ve been hard at work to make sure that everyone is having a fair and fun time, while still engaging the competitive esports spirit. We hope that every team that participated so far enjoyed their experience.


It’s been a wonderful adventure so far. We’ve gotten to know many of the teachers, students, and site administrators of all the schools and community-based organizations participating in our tournament throughout this journey. We at NASEF have grown alongside all of our schools and community-based organizations, and we’re excited to see which schools make it to our Top 4 Live Finals. GLHF!

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