NASEF Summer Splash Recap

events Aug 14, 2019
NASEF Summer Splash Recap

This summer, we were excited to host an online event that brought lots of high school students together to have some fun!

The timing and the game variety attracted lots of students. As an organization that works to actively engage ALL students, we were thrilled that girls made up about one-third of the players! This is a significant number compared to the norm in esports. We also had a few homeschooled students join our event this time! We will continue to consciously create an environment that is welcoming and fun for all! 

For this event, we opened up registration to all high school students. You didn’t need to be in a NASEF Club to join, which allowed for more students to participate. Because of this, we were excited to see some new people joining the party!

We also offered NASEF Prize Packages to the students who scored highest in each game.

Our NASEF Summer Splash stream featured three of the most popular games currently being played in high school:

TeamFight Tactics

This newly released game mode in League of Legends is already featured as one of the top streamed games on Twitch, the popular streaming platform of the gaming community. TeamFight Tactics is categorized as an Auto battler, where units you purchase are placed on a chessboard like-map. Units have their own types, tiers and unit costs. Synergizing these unit types and spending your gold wisely is the key to winning. Dota 2, one of the biggest esports titles (and largest prize pools) had one of the first, big popular autobattlers called Dota Auto Chess. This spurred the release of several more autobattlers, leading to the development and release of TeamFight Tactics.

One round of TeamFight Tactics takes around 45 minutes, so our event only hosted 2 rounds of the game. Students Hailey C. and Tanner S. scored the highest collectively; Congratulations on winning our first TeamFight Tactics event!

Fortnite Prop Hunt

One of the newer game modes in Fortnite, Prop Hunt divides players into two teams: Hunters and Props. Players on the Props team are given a short amount of time at the beginning of the game to run around and disguise themselves as any of the items on the map. After this, the Hunters race against the clock to find all the props. It's important to mention that the original Prop Hunt was created as a game modification of ANOTHER game mod, Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod was created as a game mod to Half-Life 2, a classic first-person shooter developed by Valve Corporation. It's amazing to see the game mode alive and well today!

Our Chief Operating Officer Samantha Anton is NASEF’s resident Fortnite expert, so she played this round with our students. One of the General Managers in our federation even joined in on the game! Congratulations to Maxwell C. and Constantino M. for winning our Fortnite Prop Hunt segment.

Overwatch® Workshop

Overwatch® needs no introduction; Blizzard's FPS has its own collegiate and professional leagues, and even its own World Cup. Workshop, a game feature that allows players to create their own custom modified game modes, has spawned thousands of unique creations that stretch the versatility of the game.


We played a variety of workshop games on stream:

The students weren’t given any context or instructions before going into these maps; they were thrown into the game and had to adapt quickly. Congratulations to Team EZ for scoring the most points in all workshop games played!

A few members of our NASEF leadership team helped host the broadcast. Thank you to our League Ops Coordinator Jessamyn Acebes, COO Samantha Anton, and Production Coordinator Damian Rosiak and his stream team for handling all broadcast needs.

Watch a full recap of our Summer Splash stream on the official NASEF Twitch Channel. And keep checking our Calendar for a variety of tournaments and Beyond the Game™ challenges.

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