NASEF Students are Pioneers of High School Esports

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NASEF Students are Pioneers of High School Esports


NASEF high school esports clubs are now in 38 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. Esports is the platform we use, but the NASEF experience encompasses much more than simply game play. NASEF is pioneering a movement that blends play and learning, developing game and life skills while enabling students to compete like the pros. The students themselves describe that best. 

Here are some thoughts on the past season from the students at Washington Tech Magnet School in St. Paul, MN. Their surprise win at the semi-finals earned them a trip to California to compete in the League of Legends finals event last month. 

Ye Chong: My favorite part of the trip was playing at the stage at Thunder Studio because for the first time I got to taste the feeling of playing a game with people watching. I like being part of the esport club at our school because I get to do what I love to do at home and have fun with friends. 

The other NASEF teams are good and I want to improve because I know I can reach their level and pass them. The vibe was very intense because I feel pressured by the other team, and I never really get to feel like this when playing at home. For those schools that want to join or are thinking to join NASEF, just do it, it allows kids like me to enjoy doing what we love to do at school! 

Solomon: My favorite part of the trip was not in the tournament itself but the things around the area like the food and small moments with my teammates that really gave me a great experience… The esports club at our school before this year was rarely active in the competitive scene and this year our team wanted to pave a new path for people who aspire to play esports as their passion.

The [other teams] were really well prepared and as I played against them could see that they had a lot more experience than us in this type of playing field on the big stages and tournament setting. The vibe that went through the arena that day was mostly that of an adrenaline rush and had me really excited at the beginning because I had never had that many people around me with an interest in esports.

NASEF is definitely a great experience for school that are striving to improve their programs for the future of their esports clubs and I would definitely play in this tournament like this again if given a chance. It was an overall great experience and I also loved that there was so much support from the twitch streams and the audience.

Varsity Captain, Han Jae, wrapped up his experience: When we knew we were going to travel to California to compete in the finals, I was excited and almost shocked because this opportunity was provided from winning an online game. 

I like being a part of the high school esports club because it makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger or in a way; pioneers that brought change into the system because esports is being such a huge program through high school and college.

The vibe in the arena that day was very competitive and encouraging. I absolutely enjoyed the professionalism in the arena and on stage. It felt nice to be appreciated once for doing something you are passionate about. My advice for other schools/teams/clubs in thinking to join NASEF is that you should definitely participate in this event because not only is it free, but the experience brings teachers and students together as a team and builds more school spirit as the school starts to notice your club.

Students across North America can build clubs in their schools and local community groups and participate in these experiences.

For personal growth, fun and bonding with teammates, and exciting esports events, start or join a NASEF club today

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