North America Scholastic Esports Federation and the Japan High School Esports Federation announce exciting new collaboration to benefit high school students through international activities and exchange

press release Nov 06, 2019
NASEF and Japan High School Esports Federation

NASEF model adopted in Japan as esports is recognized as meaningful method of connecting learning and play

(Orange County, Calif. – November 7, 2019) – The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) and the Japan High School Esports Federation (JHSEF) are announcing an exciting agreement of cooperation in international activities and information exchange through esports for youth.

NASEF develops and provides educational opportunities through esports, competitive team-based video gaming. Student opportunities extend beyond gameplay to learning and challenges in the business, artistic, and entrepreneurial aspects of the esports ecosystem.

Kimito Kubo, President of JHSEF and Kevin Brown, NASEF Esports Program Specialist

Headquartered in North America, NASEF will now collaborate with JHSEF to expand the international environment for high school students through esports and to engage in activities that foster the internationality of the next generation.

"We're honored for JHSEF to partner with NASEF. It's thrilling to see forward-thinking educators around the world recognize the potential of our learning framework that combines esports and education. It's clear that our program works for all youth; there are no boundaries – ethnic, geographic, gender – to limit kids' opportunities to learn and grow through play," said Gerald Solomon, executive director of the Samueli Foundation and founder of NASEF.

Through this agreement, the organizations will work together to promote esports as an educational platform for high school students in the U.S. and Japan, establish goals and commitments related to the development of educational knowledge and technology through esports, and create a cooperative system to support such activities effectively and efficiently.


  1. For high school students in the U.S. and Japan, education programs such as exchange study, overseas training, and short-term training designed primarily for esports will be provided.
  2. Seminars and symposiums related to esports and education for the next generation will be held in the U.S. and Japan.
  3. Educators between the U.S. and Japan will exchange information, visit each other's academic institutions, and conduct joint research.

"As our partnership evolves, teachers and students will be able to engage in cross-cultural exchange of ideas and information, building international relationships and understanding which are key in today's world," Solomon said. "This is much more than a simple video game league, this is powerful education!"

“The Japan High School Esports Federation was established on November 1, 2019, to foster and further develop esports as a new culture that symbolizes a new generation centered on high school students, and to provide opportunities and environments in which students can learn not only local but also global communication through esports and gain related knowledge and experience. We are pleased to announce an agreement to work together with the North America Scholastic Esports Federation, which has pioneered similar initiatives in North America. We hope that this partnership will provide opportunities for international communication and exchange of academic research through Esports and expand the possibilities of Esports in Japanese school education,” said Kimito Kubo, Representative Director, JHSEF.

About the North America Scholastic Esports Federation 

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation is working to ensure that ALL students possess the knowledge and skills needed to be society’s game changers: educated, productive, and empathetic individuals. NASEF is on a mission to provide opportunities for ALL students to use esports as a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. The Federation’s core values are intertwined through all aspects of education and play: learning, opportunity, community, diversity, and respect.

Under the Samueli Foundation’s leadership, the Federation is led by partners from the Orange County Department of Education, OC STEM Initiative, Connected Camps, Connected Learning Lab, UCI Esports, UCI Henry Samueli School of Engineering, and the UCI Bren School of Information & Computer Science. 

Learn more at the NASEF website. Members of the press can find videos, infographics, and leadership profiles in the online press room. Join online conversations on Twitter @NASEFgg for esports updates and @NASEFedu for our education news, on Facebook and Instagram, and see matches streamed live on our Twitch channel. 

About the Japan High School Esports Federation

Japan High School Esports Federation (JHSEF) was established in 2019 as an organization to develop Esports as a new educational culture in which many people can challenge in a fair manner regardless of gender, disability, physical ability, etc., to create an environment in which high school students, who represent a new generation, can grow, and to create educational opportunities. The Federation was established to provide a wide range of local and global communication opportunities to learn Esports as a new tool for the next generation of education, as well as an environment for acquiring related knowledge and experience. In addition, from a neutral and fair standpoint, the Federation will work with domestic and overseas organizations involved in Esports for high school students to deepen society's understanding to Esports and create a future of the students through Esports. Learn more at


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