Our League of Legends High School Scholastic Tournament is heading east!

competitive league news Jan 29, 2019
League of Legends Expansion

It seems like just yesterday, we opened sign-ups for the newest high school esports opportunity to make its way into the classroom! In January 2018, we officially launched the Orange County High School Esports League, a pilot program comprised of 25 high schools and 38 teams competing in Riot Games’ League of Legends. Six months later, we announced a bold yet exciting change--we were making our way across North America!

Upon the expansion into NASEF, the question was asked: what does this mean for the future of our tournaments? With a majority of our clubs on the west, what will happen with those in different time zones?

Today in January 2019, we are very excited to announce that due to the high interest in our League of Legends High School Scholastic Tournament, we are able to expand and offer two brackets--Western and Eastern! Our Western Bracket features 65 teams, while our Eastern Bracket features 19 teams across, coming together together for our grand finals scheduled for April 2019.


NASEF is committed to engaging all of our esports clubs no matter where they are located! On top of our tournaments, Beyond the Game™ challenges, workshops, and clinics, we are continuously working on new ways to bring our expansive community closer together.

With support from the teachers who act as general managers, guidance from professional coaches from program partner Connected Camps, teams ready to log-on, and the clubs excited to cheer the teams on, the tournament is ready to begin! Be sure to follow our Twitch page to receive notifications when we stream matches lives.

GLHF to all of our teams!

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