IESF Asia Esports Championship to take place in Chengdu, China

Apr 30, 2024

Collaboration of NASEF China is key to the upcoming event

At a press conference earlier this month, the IESF (International Esports Federation) announced that the highly-anticipated IESF Asia Esports Championship is now set to take place in Chengdu, China, from September 6th to 14th, 2024. This championship will be the final regional qualifier leading to the 16th World Esports Championship Riyadh, WEC24.

IESF recognized China National Cyber Games (CNCG) as responsible for hosting the 2024 Asia Esports Championship (AEC) and the World Esports Industry Development Conference (WEDC). This includes establishing a local organizing committee, and organizing, coordinating and implementing the main event and related activities.

As noted by Liu Fumin, former Director of the Economy Department of the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) and the expert advisor of the AEC Organizing Committee, esports “is not only a sports competition, but also a platform for cultural exchange and creative display.” Around the world, NASEF and USEF.GG leverage this connection and build bridges between education and esports. Executive Director of NASEF and USEF.GG  Gerald Solomon serves as Chair of IESF’s World Esports Education Committee. He and Tian Lin, Director of NASEF China, were proud to attend the press conference and ceremony and be partners in the process to make this a reality. 


Tian said, “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as both the NASEF/IESF World Education Commission China Director and as the liaison for IESF in the China region with the support of NASEF. Through collaborative efforts with our partners in China, we have successfully ensured the inaugural landing of AEC24. Alongside the AEC24 event this year, we will host the first World Esports Development Conference in collaboration with our partners in China. WEDC will serve as a platform for exchange and communication between China and the international esports industry. NASEF China will co-initiate and host the esports education segment of WEDC.”

The upcoming Asia Esports Championship promises to be an exciting competition. “Hosting the IESF Asian Esports Championship in Chengdu, China, fills us with immense pride as we welcome athletes and countries from across the region. The fans are already anticipating the thrilling competition, where the finest talent of Asian esports will showcase their skills. As we gather to compete, let us harmonize globally, celebrating our differences and uniting in the spirit of friendly competition,” stated Xu Ming, Chairwoman of China National Cyber Games.

Further details are available in this news story and from the IESF.

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