Build a Portfolio to Find Gaming Careers on eFuse

career spotlight Jun 09, 2020
Find Gaming Careers on eFuse


As a gamer, we often spend the majority of our time trying to build up our statistics and following.  But how frequently do we put our time and effort into building up our portfolio?  

The answer is most likely: not enough! It's important whether you're a player, fan, or anything in between that you have a portfolio to showcase who you are and what your involvement in the gaming industry is. If you want a job, a scholarship, or to compete at the highest level you have to have a portfolio - essentially your gaming resume. At eFuse, we have developed a community of gamers, where each person has a portfolio that lets you show the best side of yourself to coaches, brands, and to your peers. 

Here a few tips we have for you to build the most impactful portfolio to get recognized:

  1. Be vocal about your goals in your eFuse portfolio bio card. Clearly state who you are and what your goals are.  This allows coaches, brands, and employers to understand who you are and how you can fit into their organization. 
  2. Link your Game Stats & Other Social Media Accounts.  This allows outside recruiters who are intrigued by what you have to offer, to learn more about you.  Discord integration is the best way to interact with these potential fans or coaches.  Twitch/Mixer integration allows for followers to see your gameplay, watch a stream for more content, and even support you by following/subscribing/donating. Linking your game stats will let them know your skill.
  3. Share your story - Build your community.  Everyone has their own story. One way to share this journey is by posting on the eFuse Lounge, which is full of gamers, recruiters, and teams. We have to be elite in sharing our own journey.  Be detailed and proud of what you have been involved in – both the achievements you accomplished but the impact your experiences have had on you & your story. Keep being creative and keep connecting with others.  Your support will be reciprocated!
  4. Connect with future mentors!  The gaming industry is filled with incredibly talented people.  Find those people and reach out.  If your dream is to play collegiate esports, message a coach on eFuse to chat about what they are looking for in a recruit.  Interested in being a caster – find one and ask them how they got there.  Interested in working as a game developer at Activision or Epic – find someone in the industry and connect.   Your future often is dictated by who you know – so finding elite mentors is critical to success! 

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