NASEF Students Launch Their Own Tournament for Community Involvement

events students Feb 12, 2020
Final Round Local Tournament 2020

Hi there, my name is Eric P., I'm a senior at Troy High School and the president of our school's Super Smash Bros Club.

On 2/15, our club is hosting our first "off-campus" tournament open to the public, Final Round at PlayLive Nation in Fullerton. It'll be a local community event that'll primarily target other high school students who want to dip their feet into competitive fighting games in a friendly, casual environment.

We'll be hosting Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Street Fighter V at the tournament with grand prizes to the top players! I love fighting games and it's often disheartening to see a lot of youth FGC players go unnoticed or have a small community that specifically caters to them. I created this Final Round event for that reason.

Though this event I hope to empower newer players who are often too shy or unsure of their talents to attend other amazing FGC events and develop their talent in those said games. I feel like the FGC is a route in esports that has an often untapped rich pool for future opportunities. Whether it be as a player, team manager, tournament organizer, shoutcaster, etc.

Even if those who attend don't end up being directly involved in the FGC, the events tend to help foster solid social skills, dedication, and gives attendees a sense of community regardless of background.

We hope that events like mine will help bolster student growth in general through the amazing FGC community. 

Event Specifics: 

The event will be hosted on Saturday, 2/15 at PlayLive Nation in Fullerton from 4:40 PM to 7 PM sharp. The venue fee is $10 while tournament fee is $5 per bracket.

Pre-Registration is available either at the PlayLive venue or on the event's page (though all payment will be done at PlayLive during the event).

Rules and other information is on our page as well. 

Smash.GG Link:

Youtube Video Trailer:

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