Applications Now Open for the Esports Scholastic Fellow Program

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Esports Scholastic Fellow Program

We have so much in store for NASEF to continue supporting students across North America in their access to free scholastic esports.  When we think about esports, much of the focus remains on a game, a tournament or a challenge. However, we should not forget the backbone of support that students are receiving in schools and after school programs - their teachers and adult educators.

Educators are hard-working, creative, passionate and committed professionals.  They tirelessly work to meet the needs of every student in their classrooms. This could mean implementing special programs that meet the academic, behavioral or social-emotional needs of students.  But what happens when teachers take on something that requires more than a little training to master? What if it is a challenge to implement smoothly? What about integrating esports into their program of study?

To assist educators in braiding esports effectively and proficiently into their curricula, NASEF has developed an Esports Scholastic Fellow Program for the 2019-20 school year.   This program is designed to support educators in the development and implementation of lesson plans that involve esports-related topics and workforce opportunities. The opportunities are nearly endless.  The bonus is that teachers rarely need student buy-in because students are eager to participate. 

NASEF would also like to introduce a new type of coach to our line-up:  The Scholastic Esports Instructional Coach. This coach will not be working with teams of students to get better at gaming competition. Instead, the Scholastic Esports Instructional Coach will work with a team of educators to improve upon  their “game” in the classroom or after school program. This coach will be dedicated solely to supporting our esports educators and the lessons that they are developing. 

Middle school and high school educators can apply through September 20, 2019 to become a Fellow.  Fellows will receive coaching, the full force of NASEF resources, will work in a Professional Learning Community with other Fellows, and even earn a stipend for the work.  It is a one-of-a-kind program!

While there is a lot going on with students in NASEF clubs, we want to make sure that we continue to help provide resources for  the adults that work so hard on behalf of their students.

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