Competitive Rulings and Tournament Updates - 2/13/2019

competitive league news Feb 13, 2019
Competitive Rulings 2/13

Competitive Rulings



We received a report stating that Galileo High School was playing from home for their Week 2 match. The report came with screenshots that confirmed this.

We received another report stating that Magnolia Gold had one student playing from home during their Week 2 match. The report came with a video link that confirmed this.

Relevant Rules

3.9 Playing on-site
For this Tournament, teams are required to play together in-person in their designated Club site. By default, the designated Club site is the location where your Club is registered on the GM Portal.

For approval to play on a site different from the designated Club site, the General Manager must email [email protected] with information regarding the Club site change.

Please note that there is an approval process that a Club must undergo to confirm their new Club site and is not automatically given.


  • Galileo High's 2-0 win against Westminster Red Manes was changed to a tie.
  • Magnolia High's 2-1 win against Woodbridge High Team A was changed to a tie.



A student on the Valencia High School Blue team had their League of Legends account banned. The team sent the student's new Summoner Name to NASEF in order to continue playing in the League of Legends tournament. The team claimed that the student was wrongfully accused of botting and was unfairly banned. The NASEF Rules committee requires a confirmation from Riot Games to prove that the ban was unwarranted. The team did not fulfill this requirement, therefore the NASEF Rules Committee moved forward with the ruling below.

Relevant Rules

2.2.5. Eligible LoL Account. Players must have a League of Legends (LoL) account in good standing and eligible for games in order to compete. To obtain eligibility, players must reach level 10 in the game. Players must use the same account for the duration of the NASEF season. Players may not change their Summoner name without permission during the competition. Main Accounts. For this tournament, players must use their main League of Legends account. Your main account, for this purpose, is defined as the account in which you have the highest rank or most play time. Players hiding their main accounts may face repercussions and penalties at the discretion of the Tournament Administration.

2.2.6 Account Bans. If a player receives a ban due to in-game behavior or Terms of Service violations, that player is not eligible to participate in the season until the ban is lifted. If a player receives a permaban during the season, they are no longer eligible for the rest of the season. This rule applies to all accounts owned by a player, not just their registered account. NASEF officials have the right to include or discount account bans on a case-by-case basis.

2.13. Ban Evasion. A team may not attempt to roster or start a player that is not eligible due to disciplinary action or account bans by use of a smurf or alternate account.


  • The student has been suspended from participating in the tournament until his account is unbanned.
  • The student must submit a Player Support Ticket to Riot Games in order to remove the account ban.
  • After the account ban is lifted, the team must send screenshots and/or correspondences from Riot Games to the NASEF Rules Committee that confirm the ban is lifted.   



We received a report stating that a player on Garnet Valley High School's roster was either smurfing or ringing in their Week 2 match against Thayer Central Community Schools. The report came with a video of the student's use of the champion Ekko. The video was sent to NASEF's Tournament Advisory Board for review, and they concluded that the student's level of expertise, game knowledge and movement was highly unusual for the student's account. This account was only level 12, and had no history of the use of Ekko, the champion he used in the video. The NASEF Rules Committee reached out to Garnet Valley, inquiring about the possibility of the student smurfing. Garnet Valley replied stating that a different person used the student's account for their Week 2 match, confirming that the team was ringing.

Relevant Rules Ringing. Playing under another Player’s account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging or directing someone else to play under another Player’s account.


  • Garnet Valley's 2-0 win against Thayer Central for Week 2 was changed to a 0-2 in favor of Thayer
  • Garnet Valley is suspended from playing their tournament match for Week 3 (2/11 - 2/16)
  • Garnet Valley must complete a remedial action plan in order to be reinstated for tournament game play for Week 4 and 5

Tournament Update

Achieve Charter High School of Paradise has dropped out of the tournament due to the severe impact of the Northern California wildfires. We wish Achieve Charter the best and offer our support in any way we can.

Saddleback High School has replaced Achieve Charter in the tournament.


Jessamyn "isay" Acebes currently serves as the League Operations Coordinator for NASEF. Anything tournament related you see from us is produced and managed by her. Right now she's pretty preoccupied with the League of Legends tournament, but she's managing to squeeze in time to stream and play Apex Legends.

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