A Message From The Commissioner 11/26/18

competitive league Nov 26, 2018
Code of Conduct

Our inaugural NASEF season is off to a great start and we’re thrilled to see nearly over 1,200 students participating in clubs all over North America.  For our fall season, we have nearly 50 teams playing in our Overwatch tournament!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our Code of Conduct and the NASEF values: Learning, Opportunity, Community, Diversity, and Respect.  We want our clubs, leagues and tournaments to be welcoming places for all gamers to enjoy, free from harassment.

Although the majority of students is acting within the guidelines and with exemplary behavior, recently, some students from one of our high schools used racist and inappropriate language on our Discord server.  This behavior clearly cuts against our core values as an organization, and even though corrective actions were taken with the students in question, their continued poor choices lead to NASEF leadership having to make some tough calls. As such, the students involved have been suspended from the Overwatch season and all NASEF activities for the remainder of 2018.

This organization is about students, and when we get lost in wins, losses, DPS stats and who’s “better” than who, we tend to forget that they other person hearing our tilted rant breathes, plays, thinks and enjoys just like we want to. We are all worthy of respect, no matter what we play or how we participate in our clubs, and our choices, our words and our actions should always reflect this  understanding. GLHF - we all know what it means, and it’s up to each of us to make it happen.

With every situation occurs is a multitude of lessons learned. Our federation is dedicated to providing students and their communities with the tools for success, which sometimes means having difficult but impactful conversations. We have great plans in store for the future and are very excited to continue moving forward!

Best Regards,

Mark Deppe

NASEF Commissioner

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