Kevin Brown Named the Chief Academic Officer of NASEF

May 24, 2023

Expanded Role Includes More International Involvement, Increasing Support for Clubs and Affiliates

(Atlanta, Georgia – May 24, 2023) – NASEF announces that Kevin Brown has accepted the role of Chief Academic Officer to support and expand the mission of the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations around the world. Kevin is the lead architect of NASEF’s pioneering interest-driven curriculum that connects state and education standards to esports, Under Kevin’s guidance while he was a teacher at the Orange County Department of Education, NASEF published a four-year high school English Language Arts curriculum, multiple CTE (Career Technical Education) curricula, plus courses for middle schools and out-of-school time use. 

Additionally, Kevin established NASEF’s “8 Steps to Starting an Esports Club” framework which has been followed by thousands of organizations around the world. This course is now offered online for a General Manager certification in the NASEF x Skillshot Academy. As with all NASEF programs, it helps organizations and schools develop a diverse and impactful club that incorporate a variety of STEAM skills while connecting to esports that students love. 

John Phillips, Technology & Innovation Consultant for Berrien RESA in MI, said, “Kevin is one of the brightest minds I have ever met. His passion for students is evident each and every time I work with him. Our league has been very fortunate to find such a reliable resource and partner in Kevin. NASEF continues to prove that there is more to esports than competition. The life skills our students gain through participating in scholastic esports are continuing to open doors for endless opportunities.”

As Chief Academic Officer, Kevin will devote more time and energy to launching new scholastic esports programs and helping existing ones to be more impactful. An example of this is found in Louisiana, at the Northshore Regional STEM Center. Wendy Conarro, EdD., MST, is Director of this program at Southeastern Louisiana University. She said, “We would not be where we are today in Louisiana without the energy, expertise and availability of Kevin Brown and the NASEF team to jump start our statewide affiliate in a big way. There wasn't anything we needed that they did not provide on point and on time to engage the flow of interested coaches and stakeholders without missing a beat or opportunity. A year and a half later we have a robust statewide network of clubs and teams in and out of schools, growing every day. NASEF champions our mission of quality and accessibility for all youth.”

Kevin is a key driver of NASEF’s global impact. He speaks 11 languages and has a deep personal interest in various cultures and people. He and the rest of the NASEF team come alongside organizations around the world as they explore, develop, and implement scholastic esports in their own educational, social, and cultural frameworks. Masahiro Maeda, Director of Esports Development Department, Thirdwave Corp. and leader within NASEF Japan, said, “Although scholastic environments are significantly different in Japan than in the U.S., it is Kevin who has inspired us to undertake integrating NASEF methods into the educational system in Japan. He is a scholastic and cultural bridge across the Pacific.”

Kevin says, “When NASEF decided to open a position for an educator who could present the research and convince schools to open clubs, I jumped at the chance, given my eclectic background of education, hospitality / event management, a profound love of gaming and my ability to see where ‘scholastic esports’ could impact students.”

Kevin has been gaming since the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons hit the toy store shelves in 1977. He still has an active campaign that’s been running since 1988; it is now in its 35th year!


NASEF is on a mission to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to acquire STEM/STEAM-based skills and critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. NASEF operates under the umbrella of the World Wide Scholastic Esports Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The International Esports Federation has entrusted NASEF with training and supporting its 130+ member federations as they undertake development of scholastic esports programs. Find NASEF at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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