CAMEO Virtual Learning Series featuring NASEF

career spotlight events learning Feb 06, 2023

NASEF is excited to partner with the AME Institute for an upcoming overview of Esports & AME. This CAMEO Virtual Learning Series event will be held on February 16, 2023, at 4:00 pm PST. The AME Institute is thrilled to connect with NASEF for this valuable programming that will help educators learn about the pathways in creative careers connected to gaming and esports. Sign up to attend this event FREE using code NASEF at

At the Esports & AME CAMEO event, you will learn how you can use esports as a platform for students to acquire critical communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. NASEF sees value in video games beyond play alone and offers curriculum that intertwines esports and education. The session will share firsthand experiences and research to demonstrate how students found a new passion for learning, and how the esports ecosystem can be leveraged in clubs or classes to teach foundational STEAM, ELA, CTE and SEL skills.

The AME Institute's goal is to strengthen the pipeline from public education to the creative industries, ensuring that all students, and particularly those furthest from opportunity, get access to the high-wage creative industry jobs of today and tomorrow. They do this by empowering educators with the tools and training they need to prepare the next generation of our creative workforce through:

  • In-person AME Institutes

  • CAMEO Virtual Learning Series and Communities of Practice

  • Curated programming for districts that help educators strengthen their pathway curriculum and industry outreach 

  • Communications that connect educators with industry news and opportunities

  • Development of valuable resources that support AME educators and students

The CAMEO (Career Arts and Media Educators Organization) Virtual Learning Series provides educators with an ongoing virtual community of resources and support. Meetings are on the third Thursday of each month and always end with the Communities of Practice (COP). The 7 Communities of Practice are: 

  • AME Administrators
  • Design
  • Animation/Gaming/VFX
  • Film/Video
  • Dance/Theatre/Theatre Production
  • Music/Audio
  • Hip Hop

We're delighted to invite you to this Esports & AME CAMEO Virtual Learning Event free - just use code NASEF when registering.

Please plan to join us in-person as NASEF and the AME Institute continue to partner on valuable education at the upcoming AME Institute Pop-Up in Oakland (March 2023) and the AME Institute in Burbank (June 2023). 

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