Your NASEF New Year's Resolutions

clubs Dec 28, 2018
2019 Resolutions

We’ll always hold 2018 near and dear to our hearts, but 2019 welcomes a fresh slate for many of us to set new goals. Now, we can include our esports clubs into the mix, aspiring for changes that will improve the experience for everyone!

What better way to kick off the year than to gather at the first club meeting to set goals? To get you started, here are some resolutions we’ve put together! Remember, when goal setting, you want to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely). Using our list below, tailor them to fit exactly what your club can achieve!

1. Create more club roles.

Using the esports ecosystem below, consider what roles you can expand your club to include. To start, most clubs have an Executive Committee with a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, who have a heavy hand in overseeing the higher level plans for the club.


By expanding club roles, you are able to engage more student, providing them with hands-on leadership training and potentially aligning them with their career interests, while also filling gaps your Executive Committee might not be able to fill.

Not sure of which roles to add? Below are some gaps you may need filled and the roles that can help support that!

MARKETING DIRECTORS - promoting club and its programs, create and oversee social media presence, and support fundraiser and sponsorship plans
WEBSITE MANAGERS - set up and your Club Page, support social media efforts, and manage website content
CONTENT CREATORS - produce content (such as articles, photos and videos) on club events, meetings, team bonding activities, etc. to document your club’s accomplishments for sharing
TOURNAMENT ADMINISTRATORS - to create rulesets, plan and manage tournaments, and oversee tournament governance
GRAPHIC DESIGNERS - to create flyers, design logos and merchandise, and oversee development your club’s brand

2. Increase club membership

No matter the size, your club should always consider how you all may expand membership. Remember, your club may be a home for someone on campus that you would not expect! In our Club Development: First Steps toolkit, we have a section dedicated to recruiting club members.

Membership is THE key to a successful Club. As such, it should be discussed at nearly every Club gathering. Ask questions like...who are we missing, what type of member do we need to accomplish “x”, what do you as a student want or need to stay active and engaged, etc.

For the complete list of ways you can recruit additional club members, be sure to gain access to the Club Portal from your General Manager! Each club has a special log-in where they may access our toolkits, workshops on-demand, member events and even design their own club web-page!

3. Host an event

Challenge your club in 2019 by taking on a difficult yet rewarding task--planning an event. Whether it be a tournament, a new member mixer, or an esports info night for parents, an event is a great way to engage your club members.

When planning an event, consider the five W’s:

  • WHY - what do you hope to accomplish with the event?
  • WHAT - what are the primary activities you are looking to host at the event?
  • WHO - who is the audience you want to attend the event?
  • WHEN - what date and time should the event take place?
  • WHERE - what location will this event take place at?

If this is your club’s first time planning an event, work closely with your General Manager and set attainable goals! Your first event does not need to be huge--work to understand the limits of your clubs. With every event, you will learn more to help you produce larger and more efficient events in the future!

Make 2019 your year! 

We send well wishes to our entire NASEF Community! Thank you for being a part of our world in 2018, stay tuned for more exciting news and opportunities in 2019! 

Need help with any of your club’s resolutions? Be sure to join our Community Discord or contact us directly at [email protected]!

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