NASEF's 2019-2020 Extra Credit Tournament Winners!

competitive league news Aug 11, 2020
2019-2020 Extra Credit Tournament Winners!

As we complete our summer, the team at NASEF is incredibly excited to reflect back on the many victories our students accomplished in the last year.

Across our hundreds of NASEF clubs throughout North America, our students and general managers built communities, competed in tournaments, and developed new relationships amongst themselves and in the scholastic esports ecosystem. 

One of the greatest opportunities NASEF has is to connect like-minded students regardless of their geographical location.

With our Extra Credit tournament series, we offer low-commitment casual tournaments for those students looking to get some matches in during their weekends! 

This past year, we offered Extra Credit tournaments for high school students in the game titles of Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment), Rocket League (Psyonix), Smash Ultimate (Nintendo), and Teamfight Tactics (Riot Games).

Congratulations to the students who represented their NASEF esports clubs while competing throughout the academic year! 

Overwatch | Extra Credit Winners

Spring 2020

  • Shawn D. | Westminster High School
  • Jason D. | Westminster High School
  • Daniel K. | Woodbridge High 
  • Christopher L. | Woodbridge High 
  • Paxton P.  | Samueli Academy
  • Eugene T.  | Rocklin High School

Rocket League | Extra Credit Winners

Fall 2019 

  • Jason B. | Los Alamitos High School
  • Zion F.  | Los Alamitos High School
  • Sean P.  | Villa Park HS
  • Jefferson R. | Los Alamitos High School
  • Andon Z. | Villa Park HS
  • Ben A.  | Villa Park HS
  • Gavyn L.  | Sedro-Woolley High School
  • Jaden M. | Sedro-Woolley High School

Spring 2020 

  • Jason B. | Los Alamitos High School
  • Jackson B.  | Carmel High School
  • Dylan B. | Carmel High School
  • Zion F.  | Los Alamitos High School
  • Jefferson R. | Los Alamitos High School
  • Evan W. | Carmel High School
  • Nicolas Z. | Carmel High School

Smash Ultimate | Extra Credit Winners

Fall 2020

  • Franz A.  | Nechako Valley Secondary School
  • Jacob C. | Middle College High School
  • Jameson F.  | Marina High School
  • Brayden P.  | Troy High School
  • Rowan N. | Nechako Valley Secondary School
  • Keven P. | Manheim Township High School

Winter 2020

  • Shane B. | Marina High School
  • Keven P. | Manheim Township High School
  • Brayden P. | Troy High School
  • David V.| Cypress Bay High School

Summer 2020

  • Jameson F. | Marina High School
  • Connor P. | La Habra High School

Teamfight Tactics | Extra Credit Winners

Fall 2020 

  • Jeffrey D. | Fountain Valley High School
  • Eliyahu K. | Solanco High School
  • Bryan T.  | Fountain Valley High School
  • Hunter L. | Centennial High School
  • Bailey T. | Fountain Valley High School
  • Tristan W.| Fountain Valley High School

Congratulations again to the first and second place winners of our Extra Credit series, and GGs to all the students who participated!

This tournament series is exclusive to Clubs who are activated through NASEF. To learn more about NASEF’s Extra Credit tournaments and our upcoming events, click here

"My club is already activated with NASEF!"

If your Club is already activated, head to the General Manager Portal and indicate that your Club wishes to participate in the Extra Credit Tournaments! You can do this by heading to the "Tournament Opt-in" section and clicking "Manage"

Until the next tournament, GLHF!

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