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news Aug 05, 2019
SXSW 2020 Panel Picker

SXSW 2020 PanelPicker Community Voting has just gone live! Representatives of our federation have several submissions open for voting for SXSW, SXSW Edu, and SXSW Gaming, and we would love your support. 

Our Sessions

Experiential STEAM learning beat AI everytime 

For humans to excel and to distinguish ourselves from the artificial intelligence of the day, we must foster experimentation and “design thinking,” teaching children through immersive, experiential learning. This panel includes educators and experts on the full range of ages and education who will outline an articulated pathway of immersive experiential learning. Their shared wisdom will help teachers of any grade connect classroom learning to real life throughout the educational journey.

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Esports and Policy Development 

This panel will focus around the possibilities, objectives and concerns of communities, and therefore policymakers, related to esports: esports and its growth trajectory, how communities can create positive environments for youth development and adult involvement for their benefit. The session would reflect the priorities that have arisen in discussions with members of the House, Governors, Mayors, and other politicians, including: 1.) Economic development; 2.) Learning; 3.) Access; 4.) Governance 

Please Note: Given the restrictions of the legislative calendar, we may not confirm the exact speakers who actively serve in public roles for the Panel Picker period. This panel will secure several policy makers to join in March 2020!

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CTE & Esports: Gaming Your Way to Work

Emerging research has shown not only that esports (competitive video game play) are not the specific cause of mental disorders or social isolation, but that playing video games is a smart, engaging activity that stimulates brain development and awakens career curiosity. This session will demonstrate current uses of esports-infused curricula at various middle and high schools across the US, with particular focus on a disruptive format or embedding CTE and state-approved elements into pathways.

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Why Coaching Makes All the Difference in Esports

Participating in esports provides a refreshing opportunity to acquire skills for the interconnected world, including problem solving, collaboration and emotion management. Esports coaching specifically helps students develop healthy work ethics, strong communication skills, and improve self-esteem. In this session, we will touch on social emotional learning, near-peer mentorship, and inclusion/diversity in scholastic esports, and how coaches play a major role in student development.

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How to Vote

You can vote online by visiting SXSW’s site, where you will need to create an account and log in. Once logged in, you will be able to search, review, comment and vote for all SXSW proposals! 

Everyone may vote once per proposal. By selecting the up arrow, you are voting “yes,” and by selecting the down arrow, you are voting “no.” Use the comments section to give feedback and ask questions!

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