How to Form a High School Esports Club

clubs learning scholastic esports Sep 27, 2018
How to Form a High School Esports Club

Have you taken a look at your high school’s extracurricular activities? You’ll see the list of service clubs, cultural organizations and athletic teams. With the help and guidance of NASEF, you’ll be able to add one more: Scholastic Esports!

That’s right, playing video games is actually being encouraged in high schools across North America. NASEF has partnered with some of the biggest names in education to create a fun environment that connects learning and esports for for student participants.

Setting Up an Esports Club is Easy

Our turnkey system makes it easier than ever before for a high school or an organization to form their very own high school esports club. NASEF provides ready-made toolkits that walk you through all of the essential processes step-by-step.

Another great benefit of activating your club through NASEF is that it costs your school and participants nothing to join. That’s right, NASEF charges nothing for schools to participate.

Can You Really Form an Esports Club for Free?

While there are some organizations that charge fees, NASEF is a subsidiary of a non-profit organization. We don’t charge our participating clubs anything to activate, compete, or to use any of NASEF’s resources, like toolkits, clinics on game skills, workshops, and more. All we ask is that you abide by our straightforward guidelines and competition rules, and our Code of Conduct. It’s that simple!

We have created an Activation Kit that’s easy to use. In order to activate, we ask that an advisor from a high school or community-based organization fill out the activation details. Next, let us know a few pieces of information:

  • Where does your club plan on meeting?
  • What member of your high school staff will serve as the club’s General Manager?
  • Who is the high school administrator that our IT staff can be in contact with for technical details?

After submitting this information, you’ll be able to create your login where you’ll have access to the GM Portal.

If you have any questions during the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, just send us an email.

What If I’m a Student Who Wants to Start a Club?

If you’re a student who’s taking the initiative to start a club, we want to help. All you need to do to get started is identify an adult advisor from your school or club that would be willing to be your General Manager. Your General Manager can be a teacher, coach, or a mentor from one of your after school clubs. Once you’ve identified that individual, have them begin the activation process on your behalf.

NASEF’s Goal

Our goal is that we can utilize the world of esports to help enhance our students’ education. We’re nurturing the next generation of professionals, and esports is the vehicle we’ve chosen to use! Students who participate within NASEF learn valuable skills in entrepreneurship, sportsmanship, science, technology, math, and much more.

Esports combines high level thinking, game theory, competition and excitement. It’s the perfect environment for us to foster a love of learning in a fun, safe, and educational environment. A decade ago, it’d be hard to imagine that high schools would be encouraging their students to be involved in something like esports. Now, we have college professors who not only tout the benefits that esports provides a maturing brain, many are gamers themselves!

It’s an exciting time to get started with NASEF. We’re aggressively expanding across North America, and look forward to welcoming you and your club!

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