Announcing NASEF's High School Shoutcasting Program

international wwsef learning Sep 27, 2019
High School Shoutcasting Program

Similar to traditional sports broadcasts, esports broadcasts also have announcers commentating the game. These announcers are known as “shoutcasters”, and they have helped shape esports as we know it today. While competition lies at the heart of esports, shoutcasting has become a necessary component to the esports experience. 

As it is our mission to continuously support students on their ventures in esports, we felt that it was important to include shoutcasting in that agenda. Together with shoutcasting talent from UCI Esports, we are giving students a new opportunity to step into esports. NASEF has launched our pilot High School Shoutcasting Program, designed to teach students the basics of shoutcasting and give them live, on-air experience casting matches for the NASEF Overwatch High School Scholastic and Play-In Tournaments. Students will be mentored by shoutcasters from UCI Esports and perform live broadcasts with them, all the while developing professional skills.

What is shoutcasting?

Shoutcasting refers to the running commentary of esports matches that is intended to both entertain and inform the viewer, and it is a crucial part of what makes esports so engaging. 

Shoutcasters are divided into two main roles: color and play by play. A color caster takes over the analytical side of the match, tasked with identifying the why and how. They bring professional and educated opinions on why things are happening in the game. Play by play casters bring the hype and energy to the match. Their role is to identify the who and what, and capture the explosive moments of the game. A successful shoutcast requires both the color caster and play by play caster to play off of each other’s roles and seamlessly transition into new topics during the cast, and ultimately enhance the audience experience.

What is it for?

The main goal of shoutcasting is to keep the audience engaged and paint a picture for the mind’s eye. Shoutcasters generate excitement and hype when the situation calls for it, and provide excellent analysis of player decisions between the action. For new fans, game commentary can often be overwhelming; good shoutcasters are crucial for helping them understand what is going on and retaining their interest in the game. Finally, great shoutcasters are there to define each esport scene. Legendary moments are captured forever by the voices that bring the play to life. The esports experience is not complete without shoutcasters.

What are the benefits of this program?

The NASEF shoutcasting program was developed with the students’ individual growth in mind. Participating in this program has numerous benefits to developing a student’s skills, such as:

  • Developing crucial communication skills by collaborating with team members
  • Learning to work on a schedule
  • Building confidence as they build their on-air personality
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork and trusting their peers
  • Learning the ecosystem of the esports industry

Tune in every week to catch all the action!

Watch our high school shoutcasters in action by tuning in to our weekly streams. Our Overwatch season begins on September 30! Watch live broadcasts of our weekly games on the NASEF Twitch Channel. Cheer on your favorite high school teams and shoutcasters!

This program was developed by NASEF intern Alvin Zou and UCI Esports Shoutcasting Manager Anthony Ortega and is run in partnership with UCI Esports.

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