NASEF x SciTech Institute to form an international Esports Cabinet of Chief Science Officers

Nov 15, 2022

Hey CSOs and esports enthusiasts! 

Do you love all things STEM?

Are you interested in developing lifelong leadership skills?

Do you want to share your passion with students from across the globe? 

Then join the Esports Cabinet as part of the Chief Science Officer program! 

Who can join the CSO Esports Cabinet? 

Chief Science Officers (CSOs) are students in grades 6-12 who serve as a STEM ambassador and liaison for STEM opportunities in their communities. NASEF’s programs based on scholastic esports and related careers in the esports ecosystem offer many ways for students to engage in STEM and leadership. 

Together we’re offering a new opportunity to amplify student voice, bringing peers and community leaders together to ignite new opportunities in STEM and innovation–including esports. NASEF empowers students to “Game. Grow. Learn. Lead.” In partnership with the CSO program, the “Lead” element will become a stronger focus for members.

What will the CSO Esports Cabinet do?

All CSOs develop Action Plans to outline their idea and then implement a plan to impact STEM awareness. Members of this new Esports Cabinet will benefit from the CSO leadership development program as they engage others in NASEF’s free scholastic esports programs, including clubs, tournaments, and Minecraft events.

NASEF and SciTech Institute are offering free access to this combined program to all NASEF club members and students in the CSO International program. 

Youth will create and complete an Action Plan focused on Esports & Team Building in STEM:

  • STEMonstration or activity with grades PK to 5th
  • Esports activity at curriculum or family night, table interactions
  • Morning Announcements, website or presentation about area of interest in STEM
  • Guest STEM professionals to share career pathways in esports
  • Engage a team in NASEF’s international Minecraft challenges
  • Present about esports to school board, parent group, or community members

To prepare students for this role, CSOs are brought together for a Leadership Training Institute that includes a mix of personal growth and team building opportunities. Institute programming engages students in networking, leadership development, strategic planning, and inspirational STEM activities. Furthermore, the institute helps prepare CSOs to be college/workforce ready by building leadership and employability skills in critical thinking and problem solving; verbal and written communication; responsibility and work ethic; collaboration; and information, communications and technology skills.

CSOs are required to attend 

  • An Introductory Session & Leadership Training Institute
  • December 7 via Zoom (after school)
  • Attend online Cabinet Meetings to share suggestions to connect esports and STEM
    • January 16
    • February 6
  • Meet regularly with other CSO International students
    • Monthly Check-In connect call - 30 minutes via zoom
    • 3rd Saturday of each month, CSO Saturday via Zoom


Please complete this interest form.

Also, attend one of the information sessions on DECEMBER 7th! 

Session One: 4:00 PM Eastern Time; Session Two: 4:30PM Pacific Time 

Login details to be shared with anyone who completes the form. Email [email protected] if you have questions. 

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