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Submit Your Esports Documentary by November 1, 2022 for a chance at program grants and a screening at Esports Summit 2022 in Atlanta, GA!


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Beyond the Game Challenge Series: Why We Play

Join scholastic and community esports organizations and share your story!

Let’s Spread The Word

All programs are invited to create and/or share videos, podcasts, and/or news stories that helps tell the world, “Why We Play”.

We will be sharing them throughout the campaign on our social channels. Programs will be encouraged to share their submissions on November 1 with the hashtag #whyweplayesports!

Need Inspiration?
A Chance for Grants and More!

Eligible submissions will be automatically entered for a chance to receive a select number of $500 Phoenix Foundational Grants that can be used to support your esports program!

Be sure to follow us on socials to learn about any new awards!


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A Chance to be shown at Esports Summit '22!

Skillshot Media's Esports Summit is taking place in Atlanta, GA Nov. 17-18. Select entries could be shown during the conference!

Esports Summit is THE conference to attend this fall. Covering all aspects of the industry especially scholastics - from K-12 to Collegiate.

Esports Summit

What Can We Submit?


For our first WWP Campaign, we are accepting submissions that are both brand new OR have already been made. This means if your program created a hype video last year, that works! or were on a local news broadcast? That works! Or you can use this as a chance to make something entirely new!

Submit Your Documentary

Documentary Films


Create or submit a documentary style film about your program. There is wide creative license here – so feel free to include: face-to-face “host/guest” interviews, direct-to-camera interviews, game footage with voice-over, B-roll, slow-mo, etc. 

The most important thing is to tell the story of “Why We Play.”



Create or submit a podcast or radio cast that features your program and tells the story of “Why We Play”. 

This could be a school podcast or an episode of someone else’s podcast where players, coaches, etc are guests. Could be a series, or a one-off. 



Was your program or player or coach featured in the local news? That’s awesome! We want to see it and share it!

Do you have an idea not listed that tells the story of “Why We Play?” Great! Submit it!

Inspirations To Get You Started!

Need some inspiration? No problem! Here are a few prompts to get you started and some entries to get you thinking. Obviously you can start with Why We Play. But what might that really mean…

Video Poster Image

The Video That Started WWP

In 2021, PHNXGaming created its first round of grants. One of the schools that received funding was Canyon Ridge High School in California. A few months went by and their coach sent an email, “Thank you for the grant, it went to purchase some equipment to help create this documentary.”

As coaches, we had our own stories about esports programs creating communities among our student-athletes. After seeing the Canyon Ridge documentary, we knew we needed to find them and share them. 


Ask yourself why you want to make a documentary for your program.

Is it to become more visible?
Maybe you want to highlight your team’s success?
Explain esports to your school community, parents, admin?
Or is your program unique and you want to share that special “something” that sets you apart!

Think about categories

Why We Play: The Challenge

Why We Play: The Community

Why We Play: For What’s Next

Is there a mission or team statement that glues your club together? Tell us about it!

Plan Ahead!

While you don’t need the fanciest equipment to make this film, you should have a plan. Start early, use storyboards, and plan you shots and interviews in advance. Start taking “B-Roll” of your practices and games (you can never have too much!) and start testing equipment and recordings to make sure you know the best places to record so you aren’t capturing background noise.

Submit Your Documentary!

Why We Play Partners


North America Scholastic Esports Federation

Our mission is “to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to develop STEAM-based skills and social emotional attributes such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities needed to thrive in work and in life.”

Our Fellows and Mentors provide outstanding curriculum for educators, and they themselves provide incredibly accessible, national competition options.

Start Your Club or Join an Affiliate!

NASEF Clubs and Affiliates are all over the country! Join up with local, like-minded scholastic organizations for support, networking, and resources! And… it is FREE!

Discover NASEF
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Ghost Gaming


Yes – as in THAT Ghost! We’re so excited to partner with Ghost Gaming on WWP!

A randomly selected school program will receive a Ghost Goods Box to deck out your team’s space including

Ghost Rocket League Jerseys (3)

Signed Ghost Gaming Banner

Ghost Lanyards (5)

Ghost Gaming

Skillshot Media, based in Atlanta, GA, is a community-first esports production and event company capable of creating incredible experiences from grassroots events to live-arenas.

Esports Summit is where #esports meets #esportsedu. A 2-day conference in the heart of Atlanta, Esports Summit provides business leaders and educators a comprehensive view of the entire esports ecosystem.  Panels and presentations from industry leaders, networking opportunities, and workshops with the largest names in the esports and scholastic esports industry.

Tickets to Esports Summit Live 2022 are $199 and include THREE passes to Dreamhack Atlanta!

Get Your Ticket

Skillshot Media

Skillshot Media

The PHNXGaming Foundation

Skillshot Media

Help activate or support an esports program!

PHNXGaming helps provide Micro Grants and ensures that small gifts from the community will go further, faster.

These grants will allow a school to compete or quickly level-up the student-athlete experience.

Consider a contribution in any amount to help support HS Esports Programs!

Learn About PHNXGaming Foundation

Coach Rivals

The PHNXGaming Foundation is the passion project of several Coach Rivals coaches.

Coach Rivals is a tournament league for middle school, high school, and college esports coaches (boasting 375+ members and growing every day!). In addition to periodic “friendlies” across multiple titles, the main event of CR is the League of Legends Summer Season: 6 weeks of matches with a 3 week pre-season culminating in a multi-week playoff.

All skill levels are welcome as Coach Rivals is about learning, teaching, and growing as coaches!

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