Sample Job Description

We are seeking a videographer to join our company, bringing their creative visual eye and storytelling skills to our content team. This job requires someone with strong social skills, and an in-depth knowledge of video production and cinematography.


  • Experience working in video production
  • Working knowledge of cinematography
  • Working knowledge of Audio equipment
  • Ability to properly light and record audio on location and in-studio
  • Ability to write short scripts and treatments and direct videos
  • Experience in managing & interviewing talent
  • Ensuring video standards and consistency are met for all video content that is developed either internally or externally
  • Managing branded deliverables, while ensuring the finished product is provided on schedule
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as a sharp eye for detail and keen problem-solving skills
  • Good creative instincts
  • Strong Storytelling capabilities
  • Knowledge of the gaming industry
  • Comfortable being flexible, resourceful and working under pressure
  • Desire to Travel
  • Incredibly Reliable
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a creative team and take and implement feedback
  • Be able to independently initiate production on content pieces

Notable Figures

  • Gabriel Ruiz
  • Damian Estrada

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