Sample Job Description

  • Write and edit articles, approximately two per week, to be featured on an online blog.
  • Research current events in esports to uncover topics for future articles. 
  • Conduct interviews, both online and in person, to obtain relevant insights from participants in and organizers of important events. 
  • Coordinate with marketing and social media departments to ensure articles are published on time and align with company brand. 
  • Review and edit volunteer submissions.
  • Perform miscellaneous editing and copywriting tasks across various departments; examples include assisting with social media posts and reviewing written applications for grants and awards
  • Write a minimum of 1 news article per day (350-500 words) and 2 feature articles (1000 words) per week. Daily output depends on the ratio of news.
  • Examples of feature articles are editorials, interviews, patch breakdowns, etc.
  • Must be available on weekends


  • Excellent written English. 
  • Superb communication skills; asks insightful questions and develops compelling written content based on interview responses.
  • Works well when given creative license; takes simple concepts and uses them to create rich, story-driven content.

Notable Figures

  • Revitalize - Twitter personality and erstwhile editor for OpTic
  • Darren Rovell - Sports analyst and reporter with large online following
  • Jacob “Brayall” Wolf - Esports journalist for ESPN 

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  • Social Media Manager
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