NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021

Build the best farm in Minecraft Education, understand global conditions, and compete internationally. A new kind of game where you can compete and learn in an international arena of science and technology. A U.S. Department of State supported science-based, esports event featuring Minecraft challenges and live online events.

What is Farmcraft?

NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021 is a student challenge to successfully create farms and grow foods in Minecraft! Apply and adapt agricultural production techniques in different unique environmental biomes. Participation is free and open to students grades 3-12 (ages 8-18).

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Tune In Again: Our NASEF Farmcraft Awards Stream on YouTube!

Thank you to all who joined us for our first NASEF Farmcraft season! Congratulations to all teams who participated globally! 

Congratulations to our NASEF Farmcraft 2021 Winners! 

All Ages Division

1st Place - Team 3 Musketeers (Malaysia)

  • Adult Sponsor: Munawwir Syazilli
  • Student(s): Lim Wee P., Su Yong X., Joshua P.

2nd Place - Team Play Palay (Uruguay)

  • Adult Sponsor: Sergio Palay
  • Student(s): Ismael P.

3rd Place - Team Golden Farming Gods (Malaysia)

  • Adult Sponsor: Munawwir Syazilli
  • Student(s): Eleazar E., Ooi Chia L., Ang Qu Z., Valiant Tai Zi P.

Junior Division

1st Place - Team #TLCSBlue (Botswana)

  • Adult Sponsor: Ibironke Osunbawo
  • Student(s): Leon M., Kgopo K., Jason R., Rorisang E.

2nd Place - Team JAMCASES (Malta)

  • Adult Sponsor: Jean Calleja Agius, Amy Li
  • Student(s): Mia J., Emma C., Amelie C.

3rd Place - Team Merry Marigold (Malaysia)

  • Adult Sponsor: LIM JIN
  • Student(s): Xin Bing L., Xin Ru L.

Senior Division

1st Place - Team Garage Builders (Mexico)

  • Adult Sponsor: Leobardo Arath Frem Sosa 
  • Student(s): Jose Andre S., Gabriel CĂĄrdenas R., Alan Llanes S., Pedro Librado R.

2nd Place - Team Knight Farmers (United States)

  • Adult Sponsor: Mikal Thompson 
  • Student(s): John M., Andres Q., Ashlynn Gomez J., Cesar Q.

3rd Place - Team Let ‘Em Know (United States) 

  • Adult Sponsor: Michael Reilly
  • Student(s): Noah Z., Jonathan R., Eric P., Jonathan L.

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