Be a Better Gamer


Challenge Learning | Seek Opportunities | Build Community | Embrace Diversity | Foster Respect

NASEF looks to ensure ALL students possess the knowledge needed to be society’s game changers: educated, productive, and empathetic individuals. 

We hold our NASEF community to the same standard: ensure our esports environment is inclusive, supportive and excellent. In order to cultivate and support an environment to help our students learn, grow and thrive, we ask all our community members follow our NASEF Code of Conduct

“We hold our NASEF community to the same standard: ensure our esports environment is inclusive, supportive, and excellent.”

Redefining the Community Meta

The NASEF Code of Conduct is designed to maintain NASEF's mission, vision, and values. These expectations apply to official NASEF Club programs, competitions and events. 

To existing NASEF Clubs: Please review the NASEF Code of Conduct with your students as you welcome them into your Club. Consider what additional community agreements you would like added to enhance your Club culture!

As a Club member of NASEF, you agree to: 

  • Speak Positively About All
  • Use Supportive and Inclusive Language
  • Choose Your Usernames and Nicknames Carefully
  • Respect Individuals and Their Personal Space
  • Show Support to Others with Your Words and Actions
  • Embrace Diversity of All Kinds
  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself & Never Express Yourself Violently
  • Keep Your and Anyone Else’s Personal Information Private
  • Stand Up for Others
  • See Something, Say Something, Do Something
  • Be a Hero

While competing as a member of a NASEF Club, you agree to: 

  • Play Fairly Against Each Other
  • Collaborate, Don’t Collude
  • Don’t Install Hacks to Cheat
  • Don’t Seek an Advantage Through Game Bugs
  • Don’t Bet On Matches
  • Never Bribe Anyone - Win the Right Way
  • Use Positive Language Offline AND Online
  • Use Your Words to Uplift  Others, Not Bring Them Down
  • Respect Your Teammates, Opponents, and Their Property
  • If You’ve Been Asked to Sit Out, Seek Growth and Reflect