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FC Gaming Becomes NASEF’S first Canadian Affiliate

Play Matters! Fair Chance Learning launches FC Gaming, enabling future-ready skills development and student participation through esports as part of the North America Scholastic Esports Federation

ATLANTA, GA (August 24, 2021) – Fair Chance Learning, based in Toronto, is establishing the first NASEF affiliate in Canada: FC Gaming. Their leadership will enable Canada to join the movement of progressive educators around the world that are embracing esports as a way to connect play and meaningful learning.

NASEF, the North America Scholastic Esports Federation, will provide free tournaments, programs, curriculum, and expertise to help scholastic esports programs grow and thrive in Canada. NASEF leverages massive student interest in team-based competitive video gaming, offering meaningful career and STEM education alongside tournaments. Students learn about possible career pathways, enter Beyond the Game creative and analytic challenges, manage clubs and events and fundraising, and compete in tournaments in popular titles.

Fair Chance Learning is built on a culture of learning. Fun, joy and connection have always mattered, but during a global pandemic, that need was supersized. Martha Jez, CEO of Fair Chance Learning said, “What I saw was a new way for my kids to connect during COVID with family and friends, in a place that was a point of frustration with online school. The shared activity of gaming became recess, the playground, a neighborhood for my son and his friends to feel fulfilled. I felt inspired too.”

FC Gaming was born as a solution for boards, schools, and educators to jump into the fun, engaging world of esports with their students. Partnering with trusted organizations to streamline the process and put focus on opportunities for rich learning and student success was paramount. NASEF’s holistic approach to supporting esports in education stood out and made affiliation a priority for FC Gaming.

“Research demonstrates the effectiveness of esports as a tool for having fun and building connections with friends while experiencing meaningful STEM learning,” said Gerald Solomon, founder and executive director of NASEF. “We’re thrilled to welcome FC Gaming to the NASEF family. Their educators will be able to learn best practices from others who have experience implementing scholastic esports programs. Of course, the students will be thrilled to take part in huge tournaments in popular games.”

NASEF’s recent alliance with HSEL brings even more titles and gameplay options to all of its members. Fall tournaments were recently announced, with NASEF providing free participation in Rocket League and Chess. HSEL is offering several additional free and paid tournaments; members of NASEF and HSEL can choose to participate in everything offered by both organizations.

About FC Gaming

Powered by our parent company Fair Chance Learning, with over 10 years’ experience in inclusive education and technology, FC Gaming sits at the intersection of esports and education, making it simple to share competitive gaming with all learners. This summer FC Gaming launched Esports Coaching Clinics, leveling up educators across Canada, giving them the confidence to start esports programs at their schools this fall. Find us on Discord and Twitter!


The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) is on a mission to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to acquire STEM/STEAM-based skills and critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and in life. NASEF and its partner HSEL are collaborating to create the leading global esports marketplace and community for play and learning. Find NASEF here and on TwitchTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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