Sample Job Description

  • Technical scrim preparation: Making Lobby, Joining Lobby on players’ and spectate PCs, setting up any POV or directed-camera streams/recordings, Patching TR before Scrims and any other necessary software or systems that become necessary during the split.
  • Creating custom presentations and reports as well as distributing work to and managing the analysts/position coaches to create an efficient analytical/position-coaching team.
  • Ensuring constant communication with coaching staff to determine strengths and weaknesses of both our own team and our opponents.
  • Conducting Weekly meetings Post LCS to account for upcoming week’s Lesson Plan.
  • Research opposing teams for the purpose of providing strategic advice on the enemy teams’ exploitable weaknesses and/or habits as well as their unique notable strengths.
  • Writing a Scrim Summary per block and per day highlighting the areas the team is working on and what progress was made for the coaching staff to review before EOD.
  • Working with coaching staff to create learning systems for big concepts
  • Holding meetings with the positional coaches or players to discuss the positional coaches’ effectiveness and any changes in the development and/or needs of the player.
  • If necessary, will be responsible for working with the positional coach to write a report on the individual goals and progress of the player.
  • Work and discuss with Coaching staff daily in determining structure for both the team but also to set processes in place to ensure players are given all the resources they need to work on any individual goals, including but not limited to working with position coaches to create a tailored support structure for each player as the player needs.
  • Liaise with and direct the development of analytical and coaching software provided by third-party partners ensuring that the systems are appropriate for the practice and delivered in a manner that is useful for the team.
  • Assist the company in the identification of players through scouting grounds, in-game scouting, run comparisons against other players that might be in challenger or other leagues around the world.
  • Assist in onboarding, off boarding and vendor management/selection for analytical vendors/employees and contractors


  • Must be able to grasp the team needs from an analytical standpoint and work in tandem to advise the coaching staff while working with the analysts to execute on it.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Excellent understanding of MS Excel, Google sheets/docs, and similar programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of League of Legends.
  • Experience in data analysis fields required.
  • Knowledge of the LCS professional scene preferred.

Notable Figures

  • Mark Zimmerman
  • Ovilee May