Healthy Gaming: Caring For Your Mind and Body

NASEF emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body for all of our participants. Regardless of whether a student is interested in finance, design, or is competing against other clubs - healthy habits are essential. 

An example of some of the healthy gaming habits we want to emphasize are: 

  • Limiting time to give your eyes a rest from the screen.
  • Speaking to a trusted person when you're feeling stressed out or overwhelmed with life. 
  • Staying well-hydrated with water instead of drinks loaded with sugar. 
  • Regularly assess your emotions, and taking a break if you begin to lose control. 
  • Stretching at regular intervals to keep your body moving.

We regularly consult with health professionals to stay up-to-date with best practices for our scholastic esports clubs.

NASEF's Healthy Gaming Blog Posts

The following posts were written by Haylesh Patel, MSc - Esports Exercise Physiologist for UCI Esports 

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