Our #GameChangers: Esports for Everyone page has a ton of content! Federation Office interviews, our AnyKey Pledge, resources that teach you how to keep your Club fun and inclusive, and lots more.

While having resources is great, we know that you might have different types of questions, and keeping communication open is the next step to becoming true #GameChangers. 

We’re bringing you helpful advice and info with our #GameChangers: Advice Column!

What is the #GameChangers Advice Column?

We wanted to create a way for students, educators, parents/guardians -- everyone who participates in gaming and esports to be able to ask hard questions and speak about their experiences in this space. We’re inviting everyone to share their stories, submit their pressing questions, and seek out support in a safe, online environment.

Are you a professional who works in the gaming and esports industry?

We want to hear from you! Do you have advice to offer to the next generation of the esports and gaming workforce? You're welcome to use our submission form to share your insight and experience!

How does it work?

Each week we’ll be discussing a different topic about the gaming and esports space. You can find our schedule of topics listed below. We’re also accepting Advice Column submissions through our form at the bottom of this page. Submissions for the current week will be read on stream.

We’ll also be featuring special guests from the professional esports space - Don’t miss out!

Jessamyn Acebes
Head of League Operations, NASEF

Jessamyn serves as the Head of League Operations for NASEF. A member of the esports community since 2001, she was previously a supervisor and intern for UCI Esports. She specializes in events, media production, and tournament organizing. She is currently training to be the top SoCal Melee Jigglypuff.

Damian Rosiak

Special Projects Coordinator, UCI Esports

Damian Rosiak is the Special Projects Coordinator for UCI Esports. He currently oversees all live streaming for UCI Esports and NASEF, the UCI Esports Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Scholarship team and will be the lead tournament organizer for the 2019/20 NASEF NHL Season. He studied Sociology at the University of California, Irvine.

What do I submit?

It’s completely up to you! Need help dealing with a toxic online friend? Feeling pressured to do something but don’t know how to express it? We’re here to provide support and guidance.

Don’t worry! All submissions are anonymous - we want to make sure everyone can submit their questions and experiences in a safe way.

DISCLAIMER: Our answers reflect our personal opinions only and are meant solely for informational purposes. They do not constitute legal, financial, medical, or any other form of professional advice and should not be construed as such, nor are they replacements for the advice, diagnosis, or treatment that can only be provided by a licensed physician, mental health professional, or financial expert, and should not be considered as a substitute for such advice. By submitting your question, you agree to waive any and all liability arising from any action taken or potentially taken in response to or as a result of the advice provided here. By submitting a question to this website, you grant NASEF to post it on this site anonymously, or publish it elsewhere, including print publications. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and clarity.