Questions About the New Generation Esports Platform

We know that using a new platform can come packed with an entirely new learning curve, but do not worry, because the Success Team is here to help you at every stage of the process! We’ve received many questions from NASEF educators all over the country, and have noticed that almost all of them involve registration, scheduling, and our queue system.

Below you will find the resources & answers to those questions. 

How Do I Register for Competitions? 

NASEF Registration Guide - The complete roadmap detailing how to add team members, set game connections, create rosters, and register for competitions. Most of you will already have a team created on our platform from the merge on August 16th, so start by making sure all your students are on your team and have their game connections set!

When Do We Play Our Matches? 

HSEL x NASEF Fall Major 2021 Web Page - It’s best to begin this by saying that we do NOT pre-schedule matches between school teams, as in the past, this often leads to higher forfeit rates and a negative experience for those involved. Instead, we offer “queue windows” throughout the week that provide you with multiple opportunities to play your weekly match. For example, Rocket League is offered Tuesday & Friday with 5 windows for your players to choose from. The best thing is that you can choose a different offered day and/or time week to week, all depending on the availability of you and your students. Queue windows on the website are listed in Eastern Time, but simply translate to your specific time zone if need be, as the queue windows are nationwide!

How Do We Play Our Matches? 

Queue System Guide - The Queue System is a skill-based matchmaking service that students will utilize in order to get matched with an opponent. By having every student log in to their account and initiate the queueing process, we are ensuring that anyone who lands on a match page won’t be facing a forfeit due to a lack of participants. 

This is a lot of information! But once again, we are here to help so please if you have any questions, reach out to so we can promptly connect with you and get you competing for scholarships, prizes, and a possible entry to the National Championship in May!