Cyber Wellness for Middle & High School Students

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation worked in partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education to create a collection of lesson plans that support student interest in Scholastic Esports while also promoting Cyber Wellness. 

The activities are designed to be flexible for the facilitator. There are options for students to participate individually, in small groups, or as an entire club.  Each activity includes resources or videos that support student learning, as well as reflection questions for students to answer in their Flipgrid videos.

Curriculum Designers: Dr. Michanne Hoctor-Thompson (SDCOE), Jorrel Batac (NASEF), Angelique Gianas (NASEF Scholastic Fellow), Chris Aviles (NASEF Scholastic Fellow)

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We have placed all of the activities in the Flipgrid Disco Library for you to import directly into your own grids.  To use any or all of these activities, simply login to your Flipgrid Educator Account, navigate to the Flipgrid Disco Library and find the activity, then select “Add to Favs” to save for later or you can import the activity directly into your own grid by selecting the grid and then clicking “Add.”

NASEF Disco Library 

The modules can also be implemented in sequence which allows students to showcase everything they’ve learned at the end by creating and hosting their own Scholastic Esports Tournament.

To see what the modules look like in complete sequence, we have created sample grids for you to check out:

Note: These sample grids cannot be used directly, you must first create your own grid then add the topics from the disco library or using the links below.  For additional support in using Flipgrid please refer to Flipgrid’s Help Center

Before each session, we highly encourage gamers to do a “wellness check-in” to understand how their mental and physical health affects their gameplay.  At the end of each session, students can also participate in purposeful online game play reflecting on the new knowledge they’ve gained throughout the module.


Good Gamer

In this module, students will explore their personality characteristics, what type of gamer they would like to be, and build skills for positive gaming

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Tactical Teams

In this module, students will explore game mechanics, the importance of communication, and strategies in developing a positive team.

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Creative Competition

In this module, students will explore the importance of practice, how to structure an event, and how to successfully advertise and facilitate their own Scholastic Esports Tournament.

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Additional Resources

NASEF's Healthy Gaming Page