James Wood - Middle School Fellow


Math Teacher
Achieve Charter School
Grades: 6-8th
Chico, CA

Contact Info:


I am a Mathematics instructor with a passion for both Esports and all things gaming related. I have been following the Esports scene since it first began, and am an avid Board Gamer and Magic player, with some video games thrown in on the side. I taught Mathematics & Computer Science at the High School level prior to moving into teaching Middle School at Achieve Charter School of Paradise. I have been spending time this year gamifying my math classroom, which has been a huge success thus far. I was a General Manager for one of the first High School Esports teams to form in all of Butte County, and have made it a goal to get Esports started again in our region. I enjoy spending time at home with my family and playing games with them when we can.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I want to provide the best possible opportunities to my students, including offering them an Esports class that will be engaging, enlightening, and entertaining.